You’ll be doing time with SINtendo

SINtendo: Doing the Time by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo: Doing the Time by Kris P. Kreme

Locked up in a small town holding facility, only seeing a frumpy female jailer for a month, Logan Lennon is desperate to escape.

He doesn’t deserve to be there, a series of trumped up charges by a small time sheriff in a backwoods part of the state. But when he tells his big shot attorney brother to break him out, the last thing he expects is to be sent a cell phone with one game on it… a version of the game Breakout.

Bored enough to play the game, Logan finds that maybe it’s not a cruel joke after all… rewarded each round by an increasingly altered sexier image of the jailer he is stuck with all month.

But is more than just her image being altered?


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Logan Lennon is a man behind bars, all thanks to a frustrating series of events late one night on his way to visit his hotshot attorney brother upstate. And whatever he says to the fat frumpy female jailer assigned with keeping an eye on him for the rest of the month, he can’t seem to catch a break.

Trapped in a backwoods jail with literally only her ugly face to see day in and day out, Logan is desperate to escape from this situation, so desperate in fact that he begs his brother on his one phone call to do whatever it takes, break him out if he has to.

Surprisingly his older attorney brother agrees and says he will help him break out… to look for a delivery the next day. But when the next day arrives, the only thing Daisy, the ironically named huge frumpy jailer has for him is a seemingly non-functional cell phone delivered to Logan Lennon.

Wondering if it’s some sort of joke, his brother always giving him a hard time, Logan discovers the cell phone has one game loaded onto it… a version of the game Breakout.

Only when he plays the game, breaking all the colored little blocks with the bouncing ball, Logan is treated to the last image he ever wanted to see… a photo of Daisy the hideous jailer.

With nothing to do to pass the time, he continues the game, and to his own surprise he finds that the picture of Daisy seems a bit more attractive every time he completes a level. Whether it’s her weight getting less bloated and more nicely distributed, or other attractive qualities, the game seems to reward him with better and better versions of the frumpy jailer keeping watch over him day and night.

But just what is going on with the real Daisy? Could Logan’s passing the time lead to doing the time in ways he never imagined? All he wanted to do was break out, but thanks to a version of the game Breakout like he never imagined, Logan Lennon might just be serving his month in jail quite happily, locked up by a woman who only looks better and better.

Everyone knows how isolation can be mind numbing, but remember this SINtendo September, that some numbing of the mind can lead to better and better things, thanks to SINtendo.


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