It’s entirely ABELbodied

ABELbodied - The Entire Story Series by Kris P. Kreme

ABELbodied – The Entire Story Series by Kris P. Kreme

Over 25,000 Words of Kreme!

The entire ABEL series in one massive collection!

Brought together as originally intended for the very first time are five full length tales about a man named Abel, just an ordinary guy with typical problems in a marriage that has settled to the point of routine.

But when he stumbles upon something mysterious in the woods near his house one day while walking, all routine may be completely dissolved into an ever-growing power that can’t be controlled and just may end up forever corrupting the ordinary Abel.

Whether it’s a foreign satellite, something from the space station, or something from somewhere light years away, the crashed remains of something metal and very strange gives Abel a powerful show when he touches it… a shock that starts him down a path of getting everything he ever wanted and realizing the costs of what he wants.

First it happens with his wife, Kelly, a beautiful woman who sadly has no use for his typical male fantasies and strictly follows a routine of boring scheduled lovemaking. When Abel touches her upon returning home, the shock is shared, and quite suddenly Kelly is agreeable to all her husband suggests, meaning there’s no fantasy he can’t talk her into, nothing no matter how kinky she won’t agree to as though it makes absolute sense to do.

He soon finds that his ability extends to anyone and everyone, every time Abel makes a suggestion to neighbors, friends, and coworkers, none of them anything but agreeable to that suggestion. But he doesn’t realize the shock still exists, can still be spread in quite transformational ways, until his overly huggy neighbor Justin embraces him, the shock sending the young Justin into a tremor that shakes away how he looks at his own young wife Anna. Where Abel developed an agreeable power and influence, Justin takes his hugging obsession to all new extremes, able to literally squeeze and reshape women, made clear by what he does to his wife and soon Abel’s wife.

Knowing he needs to control his abilities, if only for the good of others, Abel tries to help out a coworker close to Valentine’s Day, but an incidental touch shocks his friend Danny at just the wrong moment, after he’d suggested he kiss the office girl of his dreams, Samantha. That kiss turns into quite the public sucking face, with Danny developing powers of suction and blowing like no one else, turning Samantha into an office girl who’ll inspire very little work around the office.

Finding out later Danny and Samantha are no longer employed due to his interference in their lives and bodies, Abel becomes determined not to let this power continue, to let it dissipate… but will fate have other plans in store for him?

Will restraining it make the shock that much worse, will containing it make letting it out feel that much better? And will Abel discover that his life is his to control now, along with everyone else’s as well?

Find out in the epic tale of an everyday man who obtained otherworldly powers and discovered how those powers could be shared and corrupted for his own enjoyment. Everyone wants to control and change others sometimes… but not everyone is Abel to make those changes work.


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