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SINtendo Cumming to Blows by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Cumming to Blows by Kris P. Kreme

Martin was never alpha male, never aggressive, never picking fights. But now he finds himself in the fight of his life, playing as someone he never expected to in a twisted video game his jealous buddy Tim brings over one day.

Wanting to change the balance of power, Tim has set his trusting buddy Martin up. He tricks Martin, his girlfriend Hilda, and stepmother Kate into joining him for a head to head fighting game, that will get into all of their heads.

Hilda and Kate are sucked into the game, becoming the very characters used to fight in this game. But will this fight redefine the words Cumming to Blows? And who will win? Find out in the first of two Alternate World Tales.


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Tim and Martin may be friends, may have known each other since high school and now into college, but that doesn’t mean things are about to be friendly between the two. That’s because Tim is tired of Martin somehow ending up surrounded by hot women, and he has a game to fight that fate forever… made by SINtendo.

Back in high school, Martin was the loner who never took much initiative, who never stepped up, took chances, or generally did anything alpha male. The girls never flocked to him and life was logical for Tim, his always more aggressive buddy. But then came college when somehow everything changed for Martin. The girls apparently wanted mature boyfriends who weren’t troublemakers, and there was Martin, simple trusting, horribly easy to manipulate Martin.

So if it wasn’t bad enough that Martin somehow ended up with the hottest cheerleader on campus, a spicy hot redhead named Hilda, as a girlfriend, his dad also married the hottest babe ever, a brunette named Kate. But Tim had plotted a little adjustment in the balance of their universe, going by Martin’s house one weekend when it’s just Martin, his girlfriend Hilda, and his stepmother Kate.

Little do any of them know that Tim has brought a game that will change their lives forever… but will those changes benefit Tim… or Martin?

Welcome to another Alternate World Tale from the Kreme, tales where the action at one point taken by one or more characters skews off in very different directions, and anything can happen.

Tim has brought along a fighting game for them to play, a video game that requires teams of two, but as Martin is very quick to discover when Tim insists on partnering up with his girlfriend Hilda, leaving Martin and Kate as partners, the game is more twisted than anyone could imagine.

As soon as they all press the start buttons on their controllers, Hilda and Kate are sucked into the game, appearing on screen as the very characters Martin and Tim will have to use to fight each other. But there are more depraved and warped forms of gameplay coming than merely using Martin’s girlfriend and stepmother as pawns in a SINtendo head to head fighting game.

First of all Martin’s stepmother Kate who he is controlling will need an advantage since Hilda is so much younger, and after adjusting her player stats, putting her at the same age as Hilda, it’s a cat fight like no other, but with the added bonuses only SINtendo can add. Hair pulling might just make hair longer, at the cost of intelligence, and punching may do more than just add points to a score, especially chest punches to either of the lovely game fighters.

As if the realism of fighting as such familiar characters isn’t bad enough Martin is struggling to save both women, knowing he has to use one to defeat the other just to win the game and hopefully enough points to reverse them back to how they once were, bringing them safely out of the game world back to reality.

But after kinky combos that Tim knows, after dealing blow after blow that many times literally blows up part of his girlfriend or stepmother, will Martin actually win this desperate game only to face a choice… bring one back and reverse the damage done by the game to the other?

One thing is certain, SINtendo always stacks the rules against basic decency and this game is going to forever change all of their interactions together… but the real question is how will Martin’s dad react when he comes home from out of town to find the aftermath of SINtendo Cumming to Blows?


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