SINtendo is very influential

The SINfluencer by Kris P. Kreme

The SINfluencer by Kris P. Kreme

On a rainy day while her mom has work, nineteen year old coed Gabriella asks her stepfather Tim to help her out. And as tempting as inappropriate looks can be with a gorgeous redhead like Gabi, Tim is not looking forward to it.

Innocent sweet Gabi wants to be an influencer, and in doing her research to become one, a potentially interested gaming company sent her a test game to try out. It will record her reactions and voice while she taps little colorful blobs, seeing how engaging she can be.

But when she fails to tap a few blobs, will they start to corrupt the innocence in Gabi, and will that corruption spread to the only man there to keep an eye on her?


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Tim has always supported his wife Caroline in everything, but Caroline’s nineteen year old daughter Gabriella definitely pushes the limits of that support. And it isn’t because Gabriella is anything but the sweetest girl ever… it’s because a girl like Gabriella can’t help but cause thoughts a nice guy like Tim doesn’t want to have.

Unfortunately on a dreary rainy day, Tim is stuck alone all day with Gabriella while Caroline works late. And when Gabriella mentions to Tim that her mom had encouraged her to try seeing how difficult it would be becoming an influencer, he just knows this day is going to be stressful. That’s because Gabriella wants Tim in the room with her as she plays a little tablet game sent to her by a company to record and gauge her reactions. If she does well or presents herself well, she may very well have a future in influencing, and that would be really fun she thinks.

Far too many of Tim’s buddies already make crude comments about girls like Gabriella, or Gabi as she wants him to call her while being recorded, and Tim has always been nothing but appropriate… but as she lays on the couch in just such a way with that tablet in front of her, it’s extremely difficult not to see how easy it would be to let less-than-wholesome thoughts invade.

Yet that is right where Gabi wants Tim, where he can see her face and warn her if she seems off or looks awkward or goofy. After all this is a trial run at being an influencer. She needs to address the audience, be friendly, perky, and cheery while playing the little test game.

Unfortunately, or quite possibly very fortunately, for the both of them, the company interested in her potential influencing skills is none-other-than SINtendo. And the simple little trial game featuring colorful blobs that shoot randomly towards the screen and need to be tapped to stop, is going to change much more than Gabi’s enthusiasm for becoming an influencer.

When Gabi misses and some black, red, pink, blobs happen to hit her iPad screen, Tim is the first to notice she seems a bit different, less anxious, more almost aggressive or flirty, and as the influencer game continues, her casual comments to her potential future audience of followers gets only more inappropriate and unlike the sweet virginal college girl.

But will Tim’s temper drop no less than his jaw and let him take charge of the situation, pulling the iPad away from his wife’s sinfully hot daughter to ultimately save her from going too far? Or will SINtendo accidentally get inside his head too, giving Tim all new ways of encouraging and supporting Gabi’s future as The SINfluencer?

SINtendo September leaves you with a lasting influence… to do so much more than simply play hard.


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So comes to a close SINtendo September…

Hallowkreme is next!