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Path-illogical: A BREATH of Fresh AirHEAD by Kris P. Kreme

Path-illogical: A BREATH of Fresh AirHEAD by Kris P. Kreme

A month after a crew on Mount Madness uncovers what may be a storied supernatural ancient native path through the wilderness, Anna may provide truth to the myths surrounding it.

Her stepbrother David has always been obsessed with the occult and supernatural, dragging along popular jock Kyle and his girlfriend Trisha on little outings that usually just provide places the two of them can make out and be alone. But this may be the one time Anna can’t provide the logical rational sanity to one of his stories.

When she walks the path alone to try and prove his nonsense, something in the very air she breathes may reshape her body and rewire her mind to depraved new daringly dumb desires.


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Over 8,000 Words of Kreme!

There’s something more than the solitary isolation of long forgotten wilderness in the look Jake Turner gives on the fateful day his foreman comes up and gets his attention. Jake has been clearing wilderness access roads with his boss and friend Sam for years but never did he get a strange feeling as when he stares ahead on the crest of Mount Madness, a sense of something dangerous beyond the thick towering trees ahead. Little do any of this crew know, they are about to re-discover something lost to time itself, told in legend and myth… a sacred native path that can take over one’s very destiny, mind, and body.

Abandoning the access road after discovering an ancient path marked at the start by an ancient looking cedar tree carved and intricately woven as it was grown to form a beginning to a trail, this crew could never imagine the threat they have unleashed into a modern world, the very source of where Mount Madness gained its name.

One month later finds four college students standing before the ancient woven and carved cedar tree, in the middle of literal nowhere, the forest closing in around them. Anna’s stepbrother David has led her along with popular jock Kyle and his cheerleading girlfriend Trisha to show off the latest of his supernatural sights.

David has long been a hapless geek, determined to prove that the forces of the unknown are alive and well in the modern world, and this path is a particular source of pride for him, as he’s far too excited to show it off. Anna has gotten used to being the rational chaperone to make sure her stepbrother doesn’t get himself or others into trouble, especially when off on one of his ridiculous urban legend hunts.

But on this day, even David has enough backbone to stand up to Anna’s dismissals, pointing out how this is THE trail, the very trail that gave Mount Madness its name, something not taught in schools but known about locally for generations.

As David explains to his amused audience of Kyle and Trisha, Anna just putting up with it, the natives long ago were said to have a sacred path, lost to the ages after the white man took their land. They cursed anyone that dared taint their land with a certain kind of madness.

Supposedly the government took the threats so seriously that for over 200 years they never touched Mount Madness, no development, just untamed wilderness. It was only when David’s uncle Jake worked that crew clearing an access road for the forestry service that they uncovered the start of THE trail.

They stopped immediately and removed all equipment continuing the access road elsewhere, and as David puts it, it was the fear of what lay down the path they now stand before.

Anna, being the logical reasonable one, finds it all to be superstitious nonsense. But David points out that for the ancient natives, walking the path alone was meant to be a journey into adulthood, the path helping turn them into what they were destined to be. When the white man took their land, the land was cursed, meaning the path was cursed, and if walked it would corrupt mind and body, turning one not into what they were destined to be but what they brought upon themselves through their own kind of madness.

Determined to prove David wrong, to put an end to his nonsense, and as she puts it, to just get a breath of fresh air, Anna calls the superstitious bluff… walking away before the others, crossing under the ancient carved cedar, venturing a path not walked intentionally for generations.

But will her logic prove flawed as Anna walks the path? Will her intellectual mind be manipulated by a madness that grows with every step she takes, every breath she breathes in? The path may begin in foreboding darkness, but the sun feels good, the air strangely pungent, an invigorating sensation chalked up to unspoiled land.

Unfortunately Anna may be completely unaware of her own memories changing, her own image of herself altering to fit an increasingly bustier and less intelligent girl that walks further and further into the long forgotten wilderness. Is the Anna that eventually returns even the same? And how does that Anna react to the ones she left behind; what does she want to do with them, for them to do to her?

There are answers to all questions down the ancient path on the crest of Mount Madness, but the answers may be as maddening and merciless as the desires spilling into the warped minds and bodies of those walking the path. There is no logic here, no sanity… only Path-Illogical, a brand new series from the Kreme.


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