Some SINs are a blast from the past

SINs of the Past by Kris P. Kreme

SINs of the Past by Kris P. Kreme

Melinda hopes to put a stop to her son’s troublesome ways after he was suspended just weeks into his senior year. Jason’s prank clearly demonstrated that he needs challenges to focus his mind, something wholesome and innocent.

So Melinda found what she hopes is the solution, a compilation little game system with five built-in classic titles, Pac-man, Frogger, Space Invaders, Pole Position, and Pong.

But after leaving the system with Jason, he quickly discovers his mother might need reading glasses since the titles are actually Pack-men, Frog-her, Face Invaders, Pole Positions, and Dong. But what will playing the games end up doing to both them and their entire neighborhood?


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Melinda Caldwell has done her best as a single parent, dealing with an increasingly problematic son, Jason. But in her attempts to tone down his rebellious anger with some wholesome innocent fun like she remembers at his age, Melinda may just make things so much worse.

Sipping her coffee and waiting on the delivery she knows from tracking is due to arrive any moment now, Melinda listens to the angry frustrated thumping upstairs, Jason bouncing a ball on the wall in his bedroom, suspended from school not even two weeks into his senior year of high school.

Held back and older than all the others, Jason has seemingly developed quite the chip on his shoulder, and something of a knack for getting into serious trouble, his prank with the school’s fire suppression system dousing the cheerleaders in the hall at school lucky to have only resulted in a weeklong suspension. But Melinda found what she hopes is a way to give Jason other things to occupy himself with… hopefully keeping him out of trouble.

Ordering a little mini-game system, Melinda was drawn to it because of the five classic games it has built in, innocent games to maybe calm her son’s obsessive need for getting into trouble. When the delivery arrives and she takes it upstairs to him, Jason is sulking as he has been since the suspension began, no fun to be had as he is being punished. He’s also humiliated by his mother’s insistence on dressing to show off her body, an old dress she always wears around the house becoming yet another of his constant complaints.

Melinda pushes past the insults and tells him about something called SINs of the Past, five classic games from the past in one little game he can play to try and challenge himself, to keep himself out of even more trouble, hopefully a turning point for the peace in their household. As she explains, there is Pac-man, Frogger, Space Invaders, Pole Position, and Pong… simple games from a simpler time.

As she leaves the little game system with him and heads out to get the mail, Jason reluctantly takes it to his small bedroom TV and discovers something shocking… his mother clearly needs reading glasses, because she misread the titles of the games.

Spotting the name SINtendo as he connects the little all-in-one system to his TV, Jason knows they don’t make anything wholesome and innocent… but the game titles have him more than a bit interested in seeing what fun he can have.

Starting with a game actually called Pole Positions, Jason has no idea as he takes control of a pixelated little brunette on his TV that at the same time his mother has suddenly been seized control of by invisible puppet strings, forced to dance the same athletically challenging stripper pole dances around both her mailbox and a street sign at the curb.

Moving on to a game called Face Invaders has Jason controlling alien tentacles that seek to invade a poor game character’s face in all manner of twisted ways. He never could imagine that Melinda is just outside the house, trying to get back inside, humiliated from her pole dancing attack, now dealing with partially invisible pink tentacles sliding their way into her very brain.

Will Melinda be left with permanent consequences as she becomes the game character for five very non-innocent classic game titles? How will she handle Frog-her, when the neighbor across the street hops avoiding traffic towards her, intent on mating? What about Pack-men, the game where Jason only wins once men have absolutely packed his mother very full? And when it comes to playing a game simply called Dong, will Jason be the one getting altered and enhanced, in a way he soon can’t control?

SINtendo September brings you classic games as only SINtendo can, relive those arcade glory days with the SINs of the Past, sure to change one household’s future forever.


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