Aug 06 2012

Tails from the Kreme – The second Readers’ Choice story from the Kreme!

Tails from the Kreme CoverThe votes are in and once again the winner is… You! 27,000 words of Kremey tails of supernatural delights!

Kome and read some Tails from the Kreme…

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It’s time again for Horrorcon Expo, the absolute best place for horror aficionados and loyal fans to gather and share their love of the genre both past and present… in the small city of Gantry.

Yes, maybe no one has heard of the city of Gantry and few true fans of horrors both beastly and bloody have ever been to Horrorcon Expo, but that doesn’t mean this event won’t be the party of the millennia. Thanks to a few “special” guests, Horrorcon fans will be moaning and crying out for more and the Kreme will just keep flowing until the sun sets.

That’s right, not all the costumed creatures wandering the floors of the Gantry Civic Complex are costumed at all. That gorgeous busty creature with the tail and glowing pink eyes on the first floor might not be pretending to be succubi at all. That simple-minded man in the demon costume on the second floor offering free snacks might not be a man at all. And perhaps the rather leering looking leprechaun up on floor three is there for more than just photo ops.

For fans of Klassic Kreme, this is a rare opportunity to see brand new tales of two of the most beloved Kreme Kreations, Donnie the Dimwitted Demon and Lenny the Lecherous Leprechaun, together for the first time and introducing an entirely new original character, Sindy the Succubimbo, a voluptuous creature who doesn’t like not being taken seriously.

Read Tails from the Kreme and find out just how horrifyingly good the Kreme can taste.

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As a special bonus to the Kreme’s readers, here’s a sample of the story!


Tails From the Kreme

By Kris P. Kreme


If there was any place one might expect to find vampires, werewolves, aliens, and all manner of demons, it was the Horrorcon Expo held downtown at the large civic complex out near the airport. Naturally, in a town the size of Gantry no one ever expected there to be thousands but the crowds still managed to offer a surprise with each progressive year since Horrorcon had first been held. As it would happen, Horrorcon Expo 2012 would be the one to top them all, offering surprises no one saw coming.

The advertising had increased, meaning more people from outside the speck on a map city could find their way here. The sponsorship had increased dramatically, meaning for the first time in over ten years of holding the convention, actual directors were attending to screen rough cuts of their new feature films. That in itself likely boosted the attendance by ten fold. Of course there were no directors anyone really knew, only independent filmmakers, but then these days horror was all about what was fresh, what was a new slate, and the unknown director could easily be the next Craven, the next Romero.

These changes to Horrorcon helped boost the attendance but ironically it was one change that cost absolutely nothing which led to this being the biggest and most unforgettable Horror convention ever, likely in any city around the world for years to come. That one change was the encouragement to come in costumes.

Whatever it was, whatever the subtle ingrained mental spark of excitement happened to be, there was something about people in costume that just added spice to a large public gathering. This year people were encouraged to wear whatever costumes they liked, be it monsters, devils, aliens, or cute fluffy bunnies. Everyone was scared of something and yet the convention was solely there to make money, to bring in some revenue for the poor city of Gantry, and that meant no costume was turned down. Therefore, those attending were not surprised to find an outbreak of the standard over-sexualized Halloween costumes parading around the civic complex. While Horrorcon Expos of the past had boasted a near 60% male attendance, this year’s seemed to have reversed and then some, nearly 70% of those spending their entire day in and around the civic complex being of the fairer sex and those numbers were more than fair for the city of Gantry and those sponsoring the Horrorcon Expo 2012.

The costumes of the women from age sixteen to thirty of nearly all body types surely served to attract and keep the crowd coming, but what was really the success was that people stayed around. They stopped by the booths to check what Horror classics they could find on DVD or Blu-ray. They stopped in on the third floor and visited the filming setups to meet with directors and stars. They simply spent time browsing the decorated entrance, seeing the large scale movie monster wax figures and having their photos made with the best dressed of the costumed creatures wandering the floor.

Horrorcon Expo 2012 was going down in history as a success. There was only one tiny little detail overlooked by both the planners of such an event and the attenders. This one little detail would mean that entirely new meaning would come to the phrases ‘going down in history’ or ‘keeping crowds coming’. And the detail was simple really.

While costumes were encouraged, not everyone was wearing a costume, and some of those demons and creatures might just be more than they seemed. If there was anything the promoters of Horrorcon never counted on, it was pissing off a real honest to God creature of myth.

*        *        *

Part One: Sindy the Succubimbo

Sindy was pissed.

There were other ways of putting it, more graphic methods of describing the fire burning within her eyes, but sometimes the simplest words worked best. Sindy was pissed.

Sindy knew that this was a bad idea from the start. Oh sure, she reasoned, no one needed to spend all their time inside, cooped up in her little dank and dark corner of the world. She needed to get out, enjoy the fresh air, meet some new people, suck some new souls.

Yeah, being the youngest in a long line of succubi wasn’t easy. She had all the achievements of her older sisters to overcome, a lot to live up to, and no one ever took her seriously. Maybe that was what pissed her off the most. No one, not human or other, ever took Sindy seriously.

Sindy had assumed this was the best place to go, the easiest place to cut loose and be herself, to just spend some time not worrying about whether the reddish pink glow in her deep dark eyes was showing too clearly, whether she had slipped up and let her tail become known or horror of horrors if she should fail to fully maintain her fully human disguise and one of her wings should unfold. Being young was never easy and Sindy was the youngest of thirteen daughters. She had an uphill battle ahead of her in earning the respect of succubi everywhere.

Unfortunately so far, no one was taking her seriously. As though it wasn’t bad enough her sisters mocked her and laughed behind her back, humans doing it was even worse. She had chosen to come dressed in her sexiest get-up, the costume she’d used to successfully suck her first soul just a few years ago. Sindy knew she’d grown since then. She knew the costume didn’t quite fit as nicely as it did then, pinching in around her waist a bit and pulling dangerously low on her rather succulent succubi tits. She knew that most men liked these things, found these qualities to be stimulating and instantly engaging. Men could be charmed by a number of things but a nice pair of tits seemed to win out almost every time.

What Sindy hadn’t been counting on was the fact that many of the geeks and goofs she encountered here, at this poor excuse for a horror convention, gawked and leered at her like they’d never seen a real tit up close before, let alone a matching set.

She walked around the main entrance to the indoor booths and arenas feeling like she was one of the wax exhibits that surrounded her. The only difference was, Sindy could feel her self-control melting rather than the wax coating under the hot spotlights aimed at the figures. The guys by themselves were one thing; at least they were quiet most of the time. The ones in pairs or more were the worst though. Sindy knew what they were thinking; naturally all succubi knew what a man was thinking. However, what a man thought and what men in pairs or more said were two entirely different things.

Men were simple creatures, needing to feel better about themselves and stroking that ever-present male ego, maintaining their own self worth. This often meant that in groups of two or more, each man would try to better themselves in the other’s eyes by saying some horribly sexist or just judgmental comment, especially when it came to women.

Sindy may not have been a woman in the way these men thought of her, but she still was a sexual creature and rarely did a woman ever enjoy being called a bimbo. As it was, she had walked around, trying to distract herself with the wax exhibits, the classic movie monster legends made impressively real, only to hear the comments nearly every couple of minutes.

She knew she was sexy in her outfit, her cleavage likely the biggest the poor horror nerds had ever seen in real life. She also knew that she was asking for a certain degree of attention. After all, Sindy was beginning to get hungry and it was nearly noon already. She’d be needing to suck a soul or two soon enough if she was even hoping to stick around for the late night crowd to arrive.

The problem with the souls around this place were, each of them belonged to some complete goof, a man who had a limited world view of sex, lust, and women. Most of the men she had encountered up close had been so nervous around her that they hardly spoke a word until they felt she was out of range to hear them say anything. Of course she heard all when it came to men and they shared the very unfriendly opinion that others had before them upon seeing Sindy the Succubi. Bimbo; one word that seemed to stick with Sindy wherever she went lately.

Sindy hated the fact that her body had matured later than her sisters. She hated the fact that it had matured from nothing to more than everything practically overnight. And she hated that men looked at a woman, or who they believed to be a woman, and judged her so simply on her curves. A curvy woman alone wasn’t a bimbo. It took a lot more qualities than curves to make a bimbo and Sindy was not a damn bimbo. She had the curves, yes. So that was one bimbo trait. She wasn’t a moron though. She didn’t have the diminished intelligence so that was one trait she certainly did not qualify for. Sindy didn’t giggle. That was another bimbo trait Sindy did not have. And even as a member of a proud succubi family, Sindy was not obsessed with sex, especially oral sex, as it seemed any bimbo worth her name was.

Hearing the guys joke with their buddies about how she was some bimbo in a costume really was beginning to eat at Sindy and when Sindy got mad, her tail got mad. Many poor humans just couldn’t ever respect that the tail of a succubi was not to be trifled with, as the tail held more power than most suspected. Maybe some human somewhere at some time in the past had stumbled upon the true respect owed a succubi tail. Like the feline with the low and flicking tail, a succubi tail unnerved was not something to take lightly, and yet Sindy knew her tail had taken enough abuse. She had taken enough abuse. This horror convention was about to get horrifying in a whole new level of twisted for the next stupid fools to bother her and even begin to think the dreaded B word about her.

“Um… excuse us.”

The voice came out of nowhere, as Sindy had been stewing in her anger, letting the fire burn brightly in her eyes and feeling the urge to shed all humanity from her current clothing and go full demon on the entire first floor. Instead, the words shook her a bit and she turned to look over at the two rather poorly dressed zombie men.

“Yes?” Sindy said through clenched teeth. She stared at these men, both of them looking in the prime of life, perhaps early to mid twenties, pasty white and even more so with the lackluster attempt at zombie makeup they had attempted for the festivities today.

“Could we… er… get a picture with you?”  One of the men asked rather shyly.


…but will Sindy give them more than just a picture?


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