Aug 11 2012

Kreme Kuickies – Krempoo and Konditioner Now Available on Smashwords and Amazon!

Newly released by the Kreme!! A new Kreme Kuicky on Smashwords! Also available at Amazon! The story of Krempoo and Conditioner, and as a bonus, a new never released excerpt from the book Tails from the Kreme!


Vanessa Cooling has always been perfect, perfect in her goals and perfect in her manipulation to achieve those goals. She is a classy, intelligent, and dominant woman who has her hooks into a man named Craig, whose family fortune will keep her in the lifestyle of her choosing for many years to come. Yes, Vanessa has it all… except shampoo and conditioner as she showers to get ready for a night at the opera.

A mystery package left at her doorstep promises much more than just some product called Krempoo and Konditioner. It offers to set right the wrongs a selfish woman like Vanessa has lived by, and show an entirely new meaning to the word perfection, a deliciously satisfying definition for all concerned.

Yes, Krempoo and Konditioner. Other shampoos promise body, only Krempoo and Konditioner delivers.

As a bonus, look for an excerpt of the book Tails from the Kreme, a Kreme Readers’ Choice story as voted on by fans of Kris P. Kreme! This excerpt has not appeared here on my site or is the preview that you find on Smashwords for the book. Meet the people that Lenny the Lecherous Leprechaun grants his particular brand of wishes to!


Find this book at Smashwords for 99 cents!

Find this book at Amazon.com for 99 cents!