Sep 07 2012

The Chaos of S.M.U.T. Continues with Book Two…

The Chaos of S.M.U.T. - Book Two

***Note from the Kreme: Smashwords has requested that I not publish this work in parts, but as a single book. As such, I have had to remove this work from Smashwords for the time being. When part three is ready for publishing, then the entire series will be available in a single book for purchase. Further details will follow when that happens.***

Now on Smashwords! The Chaos deepens and the world trembles at its fate… Who can be turned to in this moment of crisis?

Who can possibly stop…

The Chaos of S.M.U.T.

It continues with Book Two!

In Part One, we were introduced to a world in chaos, a terrorist group known simply as S.M.U.T. spreading depravity into normal everyday citizens through mind manipulation. No one was safe and the crimes were growing, but were those crimes leading to a single purpose or was chaos the ultimate goal?

Only Rick Reynolds, leader of the World Independent Mental Protection agency can find out and he has his hands full with what literal smut S.M.U.T. is bringing to life. An outside source of help was called in, a man known simply as “The Man”, someone of mysterious origins and an unknown past who possesses mental gifts which should help stop S.M.U.T. in their tracks.

The Man was revealed to have ulterior motives though and now S.M.U.T. might be striking closer to home than Rick Reynolds can handle, a first step in the endgame of chaos.

Who is The Man? Where did he come from? Just who is he really working for? And will Rick Reynolds discover the truth in time? The answers may surprise you and the ultimate climax of this tale is sure to shock and amaze you as the world faces The Chaos of S.M.U.T.


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