Feb 14 2013

The Kreme introduces… The Bimbo Story Club!

Bimbo Header

You all know the sites where comic books of the Kreme’s stories are available…

But what about the Bimbos? What about Mind Control? What about that?

Now there is a site dedicated to the Erotic Mind Control fan and the Kreme’s latest stories, transformed into comic books…

Can be found there!

Visit Bimbo Story Club.com!

Only the best in the Kreme’s bimbo stories can be found there to be savored and enjoyed!

Here’s a small sample of what you can find!

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That’s the Bimbo Story Club.com!

The best in Bimbos

The best in Mind Control Erotica

The freshest Kreme stories brought to life!

New stories!

New Kreme!


Bimbo Story Club.com


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