Feb 24 2014

Step up to the mike and sing a Kuickie

The Kuickies #6 - Kremed Karaoke by Kris P. Kreme

The Kuickies #6 – Kremed Karaoke by Kris P. Kreme

What could be better for a girl’s twentieth birthday than a girl’s night out at the local karaoke scene? Winning the grand prize for best crowd reaction, of course.

Cameron, her three best friends, and her still fun and youthful mom are heading out dressed in their best. The performances on stage and the lyrics of the daring songs they find themselves singing will do more than rid them of their clothes.

Nothing beats a kuickie karaoke like Kremed Karaoke.

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Beth has always been the cool mom, the one her daughter and her friends don’t at all mind being seen with in public. Naturally for her daughter Cameron’s twentieth birthday, it all falls to Beth to choose the wild activity of the big night.

Having always had a wild streak, Cameron pushed for going to a club or a bar but despite all the coolness, Beth has to remain responsible. There’s no worries though as Beth has hit on the perfect compromise, hitting the local karaoke scene all decked out in their fanciest outfits.

It’s a girls night out that none of the five will ever forget, though equally after it’s all said and done, none may remember how life used to be before they got up to step into the spotlight and try some singing.

Almost immediately the lure of winning a grand prize by getting Best Crowd Reaction has the four girls as well as fun mother Beth intrigued. Considering there aren’t even all that many girls in the place besides them, the odds seem in their favor that one of the group might be able to entertain the audience enough with whatever song they have to sing.

As the girls step up to the stage either alone or in pairs, they quickly discover that the songs pre-programmed into the karaoke machine aren’t the typical classic songs and even as daring as they are in their selections on what might get the best reaction, none of them can possibly suspect just how much singing those lyrics will change them forever.

One thing is sure, the crowd is quite thrilled to watch each of their performances and too excited to remain seated as the girls soon have men climbing more than the stage to enjoy their songs.
It’s a birthday Cameron won’t soon forget and definitely proof that fun mother Beth truly lives up to her reputation. Just a kuick stop for some Kremed Karaoke.


Find it on Smashwords now!

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