Feb 18 2014

Time for the Kreme to preach to Readers

Preaching to the Choir by Kris P. Kreme

Preaching to the Choir by Kris P. Kreme

Readers voted for potent potions and this is the result, a brand new Readers Choice Tale, fresh from the Kreme!

Mary Elizabeth is the preacher’s daughter in the small town of Kindling Fields. She’s also the resident socialite, a young woman who always makes an appearance at parties and gatherings. She’s not a bad girl, but not quite a good girl either.

Her days of walking the line between good and bad are at an end, when a pagan ritual she was simply trying to loosen her father’s uptight restrictions backfires and pushes her past bad into sinfully naughty.

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In the small town of Kindling Fields, Reverend Philip Stewart is more than just the popular minister. He’s the single father of perhaps the most social of young women, Mary Elizabeth. Like many preacher’s daughters, Mary Elizabeth walks an edge, a thin line between restrained good girl and sinful party girl.

She can always be counted on to make an appearance at anything social, any event where there’s a group gathered in Kindling Fields. The main problem for Mary Elizabeth has always been her father’s rigorous restrictions, his parenting at times bordering on overbearing and his work interfering in her total enjoyment of everyday life.

While no one would ever have called Mary Elizabeth a bad girl, her time of walking the line between party girl and good girl is over. With one simple mistake, she takes the plunge to one side of the line and it’s going to send out ripples that changes everyone who encounters the preacher’s daughter.

If there is one thing Mary Elizabeth learned growing up it was that there are many religions and practices in the world. Her father’s might differ from many of them but that in her mind does not mean they hold no power. She chooses a pagan ritual, one that might to some degree seem silly, but one that on the out chance it works will relax her father’s strictness and loosen his collar just enough to allow the man more vision to see the fun his daughter wants to have. Basically, in her mind, it will loosen the man up and he needs to be loosened.

Performing the ritual as required outdoors has a complicated and unexpected problem though, one that will change everything about Mary Elizabeth. A special burned incense potion, a crystal, and some incantations all combine to burn away everything holding back the soul, releasing unbound without worry of sin or morals. The problem comes with a simple gust of wind which shifts the target of Mary Elizabeth’s pagan ritual.

Overnight practically, Mary Elizabeth is feeling new desires, new emotions, finding that her own soul, already on the edge of daring has been pushed into a new extreme. Without the morals and inhibitions she’d had holding her back, the town of Kindling Fields is about to get a whole new look at the preacher’s daughter.

No one is safe to resist the tempting young sinful Mary Elizabeth, not the Deacons and youth of her daddy’s church, not the small town cop she encounters one night, and especially not the many boys she invites over to her father’s home for a very specific type of party when he is away. The real test will come when Reverend Philip returns and catches his new daughter in the midst of truly loosening up among her new friends.

It’s no secret that sometimes a minister has the toughest time with his own children. To say that about a girl like Mary Elizabeth would be Preaching to the Choir.


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