Jun 08 2014

Welcome to Kristal Heights!

Welcome to Kristal Heights by Kris P. Kreme

Welcome to Kristal Heights by Kris P. Kreme

Suffering a slump, one small town decides to change its name to Kristal Heights, mimicking the much more famed Chrystal Heights.

Unknown to the residents, their new successes come with much more change than a simple name. Chrystal Heights has heard about the town and though seemingly against it at first, bestows their blessing, along with a number of gifts to help them adapt to the new identity.

Kristal Heights is about to find their future much more stimulating than they ever hoped for.

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The scenic town of Krisburg has long been suffering diminished returns on the financial burdens keeping a city running. They’ve suffered along with many small towns in America but fortunately they have a young spitfire named Ginger Harris working tirelessly to find a solution to their problems.

Tourism is where everyone agrees the most potential exists for a town like Krisburg, having an abundance of mountains, valleys, streams, and nature. Of course how best to draw in the tourists when so many other more well known towns have similar offerings?

Young Ginger Harris, passionate about her town, as energetic and hopeful as her brilliant red hair might imply, has a rather unorthodox solution to the problems and with support from the mayor along with several key business owners in town, she is pushing that Krisburg change its name. Naturally the question of what to change the name to comes under debate but after exhaustive research only one single town in the United States has remained prosperous, popular, and still not too on the map to draw unwanted attention. That town, is Chrystal Heights.

Despite having some definitely unusual stories spread about it, Chrystal Heights has proven that towns can prosper in tough times, through unique measures and means. After some discussion, Kristal Heights is born and almost instantly tourism and general travel improves to the town.

Only one thing could possibly prove a stumbling block for Ginger Harris, the new director of tourism for Kristal Heights, and that is the original Chrystal Heights, who at first don’t seem pleased at all to see another town prospering off their image.

Surprisingly though one day a care package arrives from Chrystal Heights and as the letter accompanying it makes clear, they have decided to embrace Kristal Heights as a sister city, offering all sorts of products to assist with their new identity.

Everything from pens inscribed with the new name of the town, to new uniforms custom manufactured out of Chrystal Heights for the newly renamed Kristal Heights Diner, the gifts are too good to pass up. There’s new automotive gear for the service station, new vintage wine for the club in town, and as Ginger discovers, even stationary and office supplies to use around city hall.

Everything is looking up, and thanks to the support of Chrystal Heights, Kristal Heights is going to be just fine. Of course something strange definitely becomes clear as the gifts are dispersed around town, every item seeming to affect those who come into contact with them.

Subtly, Kristal Heights is changing, and there may be nothing anyone can do to stop these changes, not even Ginger Harris.

Discover what happens when worlds collide, quite literally as one small town gets bigger in ways the residents never expected, as the simple life of a tourism town gets dumbed down and prosperous in ways they never imagined.

Find out what happens when the world of Chrystal Wynd and Kris P. Kreme crash together in a mind and body altering way which only will have you booking the next trip out of town to either of their famous, possibly infamous, towns.

Welcome to Kristal Heights; leave your mind at home but don’t forget to bring your libido.


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