May 27 2014

Have you used your Remote lately?

Remote Destinations by Kris P. Kreme

Remote Destinations by Kris P. Kreme

An argument with her parents over not being treated like an adult leads Alison to an unexpected night where she might just end up getting everything she wanted in a way she never imagined.

Inexplicably, Alison discovers herself traveling from one genre in the movies to another, all at the press of a button as her parents back home spend date night on the couch in front of the television.

Will she ever escape or is Alison destined to spend her remaining days changing channels into further and further Remote Destinations?

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Maple Street is where Alison O’Neil has grown up, though not in her parents’ eyes. Eighteen as of two weeks ago, Alison is already setting her eyes on college, a venture in life she hopes to be able to journey into away from her somewhat stifling parental units.

It isn’t that her parents are cruel or even all that restrictive; it’s more that no matter how much she has matured they simply can’t see her as anything other than their baby girl. An argument over all of this, over not being treated like an adult, over not being allowed to move out until junior year of college, causes nothing but stress to Alison on the night of May 19. However, when she storms out of the house to go for a relaxing drive, that drive may just take her to destinations so unexpected she’ll long to return to the home she’s grown up in.

Alison’s father Don O’Neil has always worked in product development, fishing his inventions out to one company or another, constantly tinkering in the garage. His workshop is a mess of partially worked on, frequently abandoned ideas, and one of those ideas strikes Alison in the head quite literally when she slams the door on her way out.

A remote control, looking like a standard television remote though having different buttons, falls off a shelf and instantly adds to the headache her parents are giving her. Unfortunately storming back inside to toss the offending device back at her father doesn’t help the matter any. As Alison goes right back and takes a drive to calm her nerves, her clueless parents settle in for date night, Don distracted by the fact that the jolt to the remote seems to have it actually working the way he’d intended.

A simple premise of a remote control that uses themes instead of numbers to change channels becomes a night of traveling their daughter never intended. Putting aside the argument with Alison, Don and his wife Nancy take their own trip down memory lane by snuggling on the couch in front of the television and trying out the remote.

With the first push of a button, more than the channel changes as simultaneously some distance away, Alison finds her entire reality shifting. Everything around her changes, all the way down to the very clothing she is wearing, as Alison is literally taken inside the movie, inside a fictional world she never imagined.

From a classic black and white movie to a modern teenage horror to alien science fiction and even animated anime, Alison finds herself hopelessly trapped in whatever button her parents just happen to be interested in pressing.

As the night continues, her only hope is to somehow get home, to reach the remote before any more buttons are pushed and she changes forever. Along the way though, many things will definitely be changing as slowly from each channel change to the next, Alison herself changes, the reality she finds herself in each time playing by different rules and those rules breaking more than her resolve.

What will happen when date night takes a positive turn for Don and Nancy, unknowingly changing the channel on their daughter straight into adult movies? Will they ever realize the star they have been watching is not just similar looking to their daughter but in fact Alison herself? Has Alison truly discovered what it’s like to get her wish of being treated like an adult?

Tune in to the wildest and most twisted Tale from the Kreme yet, where traveling the roads leads to something more dangerous than Fertile Fields. This time, get ready for some truly Remote Destinations.


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