Oct 24 2014

SINtendo returns for HallowKreme

SINtendo Surge by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Surge by Kris P. Kreme

Many years ago, Kevin received a SINtendo Whee from his uncle, a powerful game system that nearly corrupted his entire family. A year ago, Kevin received the SINtendo Whee YOO before his marriage to Amber, nearly ending that wedding before it began.

Now Kevin will finally confront the sins of the past and put the spark back in his budding marriage after all new dangers present themselves one dark and stormy Halloween night.

SINtendo is back and this time it’s no game.


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Roughly a year has passed since Kevin walked in on his father playing SINtendo with his then fiancee Amber. Even though the incident was purely accidental and he chose to push on with Amber, he now finds himself in a tense marriage. Amber is determined to make it work, to be a good wife, to put the sins of her past in the past, but fate has other plans this Halloween.

A violent storm is passing over their small suburban home, a storm that is disrupting power all over with massive electrical surges. Kevin is already trying to prep the home as the power goes dead and right now he has just the one problem to focus on, the problems of his past, the problems of a certain game system always in the back of his mind.

Amber has benefited from her past with SINtendo, her figure once ruined by its perverse effects now improved even beyond what it once was through rigorous exercise. She’s constantly trying to help Kevin, to do things for him, to look nice for him, but somehow it just isn’t enough. Tonight however, Kevin takes her help, asking her to head upstairs and find a box of old surge protectors in a closet while he heads out to the shed in the backyard to keep its roof secure.

As Kevin fights the wind and rain, the lightning so constant it’s a veritable spark show in the sky, Amber makes her way through the darkened home, their only working flashlight taken by her husband. She digs around, finds the box Kevin mentioned and returns downstairs to plug all the sensitive electronics into the surge protectors, potentially saving them from further danger.

What Amber never sees coming is the danger in her very hands, as one of these surge protectors is not a surge protector at all but in fact the power brick for the SINtendo Whee YOO. Disassembled by Kevin, he was certain the sinister game system was finally harmless but now that game system is revived as a single component is plugged in, held by Amber at the precise moment lightning flickers across the sky and the power returns.

Getting zapped by an electrical surge can be deadly but getting zapped by SINtendo can be much more intense.

Amber has received a SINtendo Surge and has less than an hour before overload. Only Kevin can decide his wife’s fate and to do so he’ll find himself playing an all new game, one with no rules and no score.

As it turns out, Halloween can be a scary night, but sometimes getting a good scare is all it takes to shake off past problems and put the real spark back in a budding marriage.

One thing is certain; this is one night neither Kevin nor his wife will ever forget. SINtendo is back for the man who first played it as a boy so many years ago, but this time it’s no mere game. Kevin is all grown up and doesn’t need a video game to have fun. After all, what good is having a smoking hot wife if he doesn’t enjoy playing with her?


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