Oct 27 2014

It wouldn’t be HalloKreme without Donnie

Donnie the Demon's Costume Commercial by Kris P. Kreme

Donnie the Demon’s Costume Commercial by Kris P. Kreme

He’s big with fiery red eyes, big leathery wings, and never far from a tray of mini-pizzas. That’s right, Donnie the Demon is back and just as dimwitted as ever.

This time he’s clueless to a plot by his old bullies from hell to create more costume chaos during a fifteen minute infomercial about his store’s success.

Witches, cows, and queen bees, all twisted in more and more perverse ways as the cameras catch all the action and that action quickly spills off stage.


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In recent years costumes have been flying off the shelves at Donnie’s store, a lovable demon living among humans Donnie assumes that all that success is purely due to his passion for Halloween.

Now, thanks to that success, a local pair of news reporters are filming a very special fifteen minute infomercial about Donnie and several of the newest costumes to his store. It’s Donnie the Demon’s fifteen minutes of fame and what takes place may just earn an infamous reputation.

Unbeknownst to Donnie, his old bullies from hell, Melgrim and Grimmel, are actually behind the entire costume commercial. Up for a little more hands on chaos this Halloween, the pair of evil demons are disguised as camera operators, running the whole event even without the two reporters knowing it.

Too dimwitted to suspect anything, Donnie sits down with Dan Jennings and Caitlin Scott to discuss his passion for costumes, unaware that all new passions of a more explicit nature are soon to be released. As the models come out on stage to show off a few select costumes, new and classic ones, Melgrim and Grimmel hold their fate under their fingers, pressing a very special hell button while focusing in on them with the cameras.

The hell button changes the models into only the most perverse version of the costumes they are wearing, leading to some rather unfit for television moments and a definite interview of a lifetime for both Dan and Caitlin.

If they’re expecting Donnie to explain the madness that soon is spreading, they might just have to wait until he’d finished with his favorite snack on earth, mini-pizzas. As far as he knows, humans just love playing kinky games when wearing costumes and what happens during his commercial will make most Halloween games pale by comparison.

Put on your costume, pop some mini-pizzas in the microwave, and get set to experience the most over the top tale yet starring everyone’s favorite if simple demon, Donnie.


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