Oct 30 2014

Reader’s get a special HallowKreme Surprise!

Pushing the Veil by Kris P. Kreme

Pushing the Veil by Kris P. Kreme

The biggest HallowKreme story of 2014!

This Halloween forces are at work from otherworldly dimensions, dimensions where the dead live on to play with the living, dimensions where the flow of thoughts and actions can be randomly reversed, and dimensions where idle fantasies and the movies one watches can merge into delectable devilish reality.

The veil is thin on one night a year and that veil is about to be pushed in ways never imagined.


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In every reality there are limits, limits to what is and isn’t possible. On one single night of the year the boundaries separating those realities is thinnest, the membranes stretched tight, the impossible closer than we may ever realize. Halloween is that night and this Halloween forces are at work, forces destined to bring impossibilities to life, forces only working to push ever harder at that stretched veil between worlds.

Many forces of chaos and evil can push the veil, and those forces can often be hidden in the very reflection one sees everyday in every mirror they encounter. Kari has always been a fun girl, long past her old high school and college days she still embodies the perfect look and that look has only recently changed thanks to a hair salon giving her ordinarily red hair a fresh blonde feel.

Unfortunately for Kari the body her new look embodies is about to betray her in ways she never imagined. They say blondes are bimbos but never did Kari suspect that once you go blonde you can’t go back. The veil for Kari is pushed to extremes she never dreamed of, her own mirror image bringing about the changes that go much deeper than a dye job.

Reversal of fortune is not uncommon in our own universe but reversal of thought process is. When every neuron in the brain fires opposite to what it once did, opposite thoughts and actions can occur, and on Tony’s weekly poker night everyone is going to find out just what high stakes can be.

Tony’s daughter Michelle is all grown up, or at least by the world’s standards. Tony never sees her as the woman she has become and due to her taking the car without asking and returning it dented, she is currently not allowed to leave the house no matter what age she is. Soon enough though, Michelle is going to find dents the least of her worries.

All dressed for a Halloween party, Michelle wasn’t prepared for the subtle leering from her dad’s poker buddies, but stepping in with the intentions of just saying hi to them quickly changes with the arrival of a strange aroma. Like the sharp smell of ozone, she and Tony never see the bubble forming, the veil pushed out around them.

Every decision they might have made, every ordinary logical choice of what to do or say on poker night is about to randomly get reversed and only chaos can result, a chaos where poker night may just become poke her night and Michelle is the her.

Finally, Kari’s good friend Kim is having a date night in with her longtime boyfriend Landon and Landon is distracted as always. While he’s always been the good guy, no pressure and no jerky moves, there is definitely one thing he’s been waiting a long time for and that’s to get a little action from Kim.

Conservative and near prudish, Kim prefers a very slow relationship, kissing and making out about as extreme as she will tolerate for now. Tonight’s date is a Halloween movie marathon of scary themed, though mostly ripped off plots.

What Landon never suspects is that the veil is thin and otherworldly dark forces can see into both his thoughts and his desires. His idle fantasies while watching the various movies results in chaos spreading to those he knows, chaos where movie plots get more twisted in ways only Landon could fantasize about.

A teacher, Landon deals with students all day, but two senior cheerleaders are about to find themselves trapped within a dream world where Landon is in charge. The lesson they learn is to never disobey a teacher and always be good little sluts like cheerleaders should.

Mary Mills, one of Landon’s fellow teachers is leaving a late night Halloween party when she gets a call on her phone in the middle of a dark parking lot.The voice, sounding oddly like Landon asks one question. What’s your favorite kinky movie?

Mary better answer soon because every delay only ensures that the movie she will soon be a part of is going to be kinkier and kinkier than she ever imagined.

Landon and Kim find themselves confronting the very veil that has been constantly pushed through his idle thoughts of the scary movies they have been watching. Waking up confused, having last been watching a movie about some guy that sets up elaborate traps to force victims to choose their own fate, Landon finds he and Kim are locked in her bedroom, steel barriers blocking any escape.

Kim is restrained to the bed, a metal brace around her waist and the bed slowly bending back, folding her back on herself as Landon receives instructions from an old tape recorder.

Landon has a choice, to save his girlfriend by doing something she was never ready for in such extremes she’ll never be the same again, or to refuse and be the responsible good patient guy he has been, sealing her fatal fate. In the end, this is one date night that both will be quite incredibly satisfied, if never the same couple they once were.

Pushing the veil is not uncommon, but only during times when it exists most thin can the pushing result in anything real. Halloween is that night and this Halloween, chaos is about to come crashing through into many lives, lives less ordinary from this point on, lives living out the perverse pushes and becoming something darker, something wicked, and something sinfully sinister.


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