Mar 22 2015

Watch out for Korporate Voodoo

Corporate Voodoo by Kris P. Kreme

Corporate Voodoo by Kris P. Kreme

Sarah Long has used her exotic looks and innocent appearance to manipulate men most of her young career. She has flirted and teased her way slowly up one floor at a time in one of the most advanced technology companies in the country.

One of those men is about to make a play for justice, using a very non-technical method. Possessing a carved doll of ancient black magic, Harold is making a puppet out of Sarah and leading her through a humiliating day, the last day she will ever tease in her climb to the top.


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In all of Technofirm, one of the world’s leading advanced technology corporate centers, Sarah Long is one of the most ruthless in her climb to the top. The firm has employees from all over the world and Sarah’s cute petite Asian heritage may often fool some into thinking she isn’t a threat. Perhaps that is why she has been so successful in crushing men beneath her on her way to further advancement.

She is aiming on busting through the glass ceiling forever, becoming one of those select at the top rung of the ladder, but one man she has left in her wake is out to bust more than just the bubble of her corporate ambitions. Harold was always a good worker, with good ideas, a man who held a passion for the non-technical while being brilliant with technology, just what a firm like Technofirm needed. Unfortunately, he fell for the lovely innocent eyes of Sarah, letting her manipulate and then leave him in her dust his position demoted to security head.

Having seen so many victims of Sarah’s feminine charms through the elaborate network of building cameras, Harold has had enough. Thanks to his old world interests, and a lucky find on vacation in the south pacific, he has the perfect method of busting Sarah Long in every sense of the word.

According to the old man it was a magical doll, similar to voodoo but far older and far more powerful. The tiny little doll doesn’t even look that old, seeming made of some primitive rubber, but really of a kind of wood which flexes and bends like no other. Harold has been told this doll can control every action a person makes, control everything about them but their thoughts, and just the idea that he can finally manipulate Sarah Long, humiliate her in her ever constant quest for corporate climbing is something he can’t resist.

After he learns of Sarah Long’s planned meeting with the board of top executives, Harold has to put his plan into action, stop fantasizing about the old world magic working, and get straight to some new world testing. Imagine his astonishment when he writes Sarah Long’s name on the little doll in ink only to find the real Sarah Long suddenly stiffening up in the middle of her office, incapable of moving unless he directs her by moving the doll.

Finally someone has the ability to use Sarah Long like she has used everyone else and Harold is only too happy to lead Sarah on a very embarrassing visit to some fellow workers on her floor, testing out his puppetry and manipulation of the most manipulative bitch many have ever known.

Walking her stiffly, confusing others and terrifying Sarah, Harold watches from the comfort of the security room, the initial test with her coworkers more than a success.

Humiliation is only too kind for repaying Sarah and Harold can’t get enough of it. Only by the fate of sweaty palms smearing her name on the doll does Sarah escape her office floor fate.

Finding Sarah at a popular lunch spot in the city, waiting in line to order, Harold takes his special voodoo just a few steps further, squeezing the little flexible doll, seeing that such crushing pressure only shifts the real Sarah’s shape into something more than entertaining, certainly memorable to the crowd of hungry people waiting behind her and patrons watching. After years of squeezing her way past the men in Technofirm, Harold puts the real squeeze on Sarah, using all his aggression to squeeze the little doll until Sarah’s top literally explodes open, her tits massive swelling in one quick burst.

She may have been on her way to busting the glass ceiling but now she is the one whose dreams are busted and she is going to be just as busted when he is finished. It all culminates in the meeting she never anticipated, but one no man at the top will ever forget.

Witness the much deserved justice for women manipulating men out there in the corporate world, a modern voodoo where one attractive executive takes on all new positions and makes her way to the top only to be taken down like the puppet she treated others as. Her strings pulled, her body changed, one thing is certain. Sarah Long will put the firm in Technofirm.


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