Jun 18 2015

We can help with your fear of Tattoos

Trance Tramped by Kris P. Kreme

Trance Tramped by Kris P. Kreme

Everyone knows Kasey, the sweet bubbly blonde cheerleader a favorite among the Weyland University’s Wildcat Whistlers.

Not everyone knows of her petrifying fear of tattoos, which has kept her from having her own matching lower back tattoo, a cute little winged wildcat.

For her twenty-first birthday, best friend Jenna takes Kasey to see a hypnotherapist with promises of a trance to overcome her fears. When the trance goes further than intended, Kasey may just come out willing to do anything with anybody as long as tattoos are involved.

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Thanks to a lackluster football team, the Weyland Wildcat Whistlers are the focus at every game. The college university may be small, but Weyland has a lot of pride in their cheerleaders, known quite famously as the Wildcat Whistlers. There aren’t all that many of them, just a half dozen or so, but nobody can deny that they take the show and it’s for that very reason that the cheerleaders are planning an ambitious fundraiser to purchase all new uniforms and equipment.

With new uniforms, they will look their best and with the equipment they can better master the new routines they will need if they are to have a chance at the International Cheerleading Expo in Cancun, a trip all of them are excited about.

While all of the cheerleaders have unique personalities, nobody can deny the sheer charm and pull of their most down to earth girl next door bubbly blonde, Kasey. Kasey is the girl everyone admires, an all-American cheerleader through and through, and planning for the upcoming calendar photo shoot, the calendars to be their method of raising funds, falls second to only one event. That event is Kasey’s twenty-first birthday, a big milestone and one all her cheerleading friends want to make very special.

A casual mention of Kasey finally getting the matching tattoo that all of the others have leads her best friend Jenna to the perfect birthday gift. The tattoo is simple, classy, and even if it is a lower back tattoo, there is nothing tramp stamp about it. Just a simple little winged wildcat, one every Whistler has and something that would make a great entry in the calendar, a nice spread with all of their backs shown and the tattoos in line.

The only real hurdle for Kasey is her petrifying fear of all things tattoo, whether it’s the needles, the potential pain, or the risk that people might think less of her for having a lower back tattoo. The last thing this sweet bubbly girl needs is someone labeling her a tramp.

By the night of her birthday, Jenna has a plan though, a surprise she has lined up that will take care of everything. Diverting on the way to the bar to meet their fellow Wildcat Whistlers, Jenna takes Kasey to Doctor John Green, an experienced hypnotherapist who specializes in helping handle irrational fears. Through a simple process he can put Kasey in a trance and have her slowly relieve her fears of needles, her fears of tattoos, her fears of most everything, and in a simple one time session.

Everything seems completely perfect, the doctor having good referrals, his office still new but purely professional. Several things will conspire to mess up this perfect plan and make sure Kasey comes out more unafraid of tattoos than anyone would ever have wanted, especially her.

As the doctor explains during the session, fear is just a negative association of something, and it exists at the opposite end of the spectrum from pleasure. By picturing herself climbing a ladder from the pit of fear to the heights of pleasure, Kasey can reach a healthy medium where fear does not rule her but she still maintains a healthy respect for needles, tattoos, and the entire process in general.

Doctor Green has everything going fine, Kasey in the trance, counting slowly with each step up she takes, but a phone call and other distractions cause the well intentioned doctor to step out of the room and leave Kasey alone, counting much higher than he ever intended her to count, higher than any patient ever has.

Kasey ultimately leaves Doctor Green feeling much better about getting a tattoo, but even Jenna notices it seems to be just a bit too extreme of a shift. Passing it off as merely recovering from a trance and then having some drinks with their fellow cheerleaders, Kasey is soon put in a cab, directed back to the dorms.

What happens though when Kasey sees a cheap tattoo parlor in the bad part of town? What happens when she insists on stopping at the fittingly named All Night Tattooing? And more importantly what will become of the once virginal sweet all-American cheerleader when some horny low moral tattoo artists get a hold of her?

Find out in the Kustom Kreme Single that shows sometimes a tramp stamp is just a tramp stamp; other times it’s the beginning to becoming a whole new girl, one whose pleasure knows no boundaries all thanks to a little trance.


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