Nov 23 2015

No one can resist Stuffing the Turkey

Stuffing the Turkey by Kris P. Kreme

Stuffing the Turkey by Kris P. Kreme

Stressed by the unmotivated and completely irresponsible students in his special two week sociology course, Noah Pilgrim tries an unconventional experiment.

Using a turkey stamp given to him by a bizarre man named Theo who helped him on the side of the road, Noah stamps the girls wherever they like to display the most inappropriate skin.

What he never imagines is that the stamps are changing more than the girls’ attitudes and soon he may be enjoying some Thanksgiving stuffing like never before.


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Professor Noah Pilgrim has always been one to let stress get to him, to let the little things build up into big things and this Thanksgiving is no exception.

Unlike many of the professors, Noah has no family to use as an excuse to take time away from the university. As such he has been relegated with teaching a special two week extra curricular course in sociology to the students each Thanksgiving that need more school credit for their degrees.

These are the students that couldn’t care less about studies and responsibilities. They are the athletes who get by on their skills on the field and the perky bubble-headed girls who mostly just like partying and living off their Daddy’s dime at school.

Noah Pilgrim has been growing more and more frazzled by the idiocy of youth, the girls doing nothing but providing distractions for his important lessons, wearing or rather not wearing enough to keep most boys’ eyes firmly on them. Each day seems worse than the last in this two week course and it all boils over for Noah one morning when he breaks down several miles from the college.

That’s when Professor Noah Pilgrim meets the unusually friendly and gentle giant in Theo. An enormous black man, Theo is there to help, but Noah can’t help but feel that there’s an oddness about Theo that words can’t describe. Even so, the man fixes his car, gets him back on the road, even listens to his rants about the girls in class.

When Noah is just about to leave though, Theo stops him and gives him a most unexpected little gift from the back of his truck. It’s a turkey stamp, just an ordinary little ink stamp shaped like a cartoon turkey.

Assured that the turkey stamp will solve the problem with his girls in class, Noah isn’t going to argue with the man who could break him in two. He gratefully accepts the little gift and thinks nothing more of it.

But then two days later the stress is threatening to break yet again, the girls keeping all eyes on them, some wearing low cut or revealing tops, others always showing off their midriffs, their legs, or their pert little backside in various indecent classroom attire.

That is when Noah is inspired by the little turkey stamp, inspired to perform a little social experiment, as he calls it. Calling the girls to the front of class, he informs them that all they need to do is wear the stamp, no rubbing it off, nothing to keep track of, just wear the stamp.

He then carefully applies it generally around whatever skin they most seem to want to show off. For some, they get a stamp around the neck, near where the neckline of tops should be; for others it might be applied on their bellies, but each of the six girls in his two week course get a turkey stamp.

Even Noah isn’t sure why he does this, assuming the stress is making him snap, particularly when it soon becomes obvious the turkey stamp is not helping with the problem.

What he fails to notice though is how the turkey stamps are affecting the girls over time, beginning with some tingling, advancing to constant thoughts and needs, each related to the specific part of their young nubile bodies where the stamp now resides.

This stamp can’t be washed away, and the effects can’t end, but what happens when Noah is ultimately confronted by a student in a way no man can resist? Find out in the Thanksgiving tale truly stuffed with tasty characters.

Around this time of the year, no one can resist Stuffing the Turkey.


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