Nov 16 2015

The skies are very friendly…

Air Traffic Control by Kris P. Kreme

Air Traffic Control by Kris P. Kreme

Flights will soar to new heights of depravity above one city as a loss of radio communication from the tower has them circling to land for an extended period of time.

Captain and crew soon learn that a terrorist organization thought disbanded and left in the past has returned to bring all new chaos to the skies.

Pulsing static invades their brains as lust invades their thoughts, and before the flight lands, everyone is joining the mile high club in truly chaotic fashion.


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Millions of passengers fly the friendly skies everyday and yet the skies over one city are about to get much friendlier before the day is done.

In the cockpit, Captain Lance Foster, an experienced pilot and his very knowledgeable co-pilot of many flights, Miranda, are trying to figure out why the tower hasn’t given them the go ahead to land. Planes are circling at various altitudes and all communication with the tower seems gone, just minor static on the line.

Unknown to any of the passengers, many of them need not know the potential chaos cluttering the skies to be bothered by an extended flight. Alexis never has been one for flying, especially spontaneously, so when the man she has been dating for a long time asked both Alexis and his son Jake to fly up to the city after he got a big architectural contract, she is both nervous and excited.

Will is a brilliant architect, driven and highly motivated in all he does. His son Jake, however is a slacker college student who rarely has much to say to Alexis unless it’s oozing sarcasm, so the delay in landing is not settling well for the attractive woman.

Apparently behind her things are even worse, the passengers in the row directly behind Alexis having been arguing in whispered tones since the flight began. The truth is that neither Vince or Kelly care much about the plane settling into a holding pattern before landing. Vince just wishes Kelly would stop berating him for barely looking at another woman, the figment in Kelly’s imagination that Vince is interested in anyone besides the hot blonde he is in truth very serious about.

Kelly has been insecure about things for a while now and her anger refuses to let up often when it’s totally unwarranted. It’s the least attractive quality in a very attractive package Vince thinks, but it’s mostly best to remain quiet when Kelly is bothered by something. All she really seems to want is to have some honesty and know he is serious about her for the long haul.

Further back from the bickering couple, Rebecca is no stranger to long hours spent on a plane, flying frequently back and forth to many cities around the country for her job. She’s rarely ended up stuck in such an annoying seat with a plane that for some reason refuses to land though.

The man behind her has been clearly on edge since the flight began and his nervous habit is her annoyance, the constant kicks and taps at the back of her seat bouncing her uncomfortably more and more the longer the flight goes. Even worse, her seatmate is a teenage boy who obviously doesn’t care about her predicament as he simply uses it more as an excuse to check her out, the very curvy young brunette certainly worthy of more than a few glances during an otherwise boring flight.

Rebecca may be simply curious what is going on and why the plane is circling, but on a deeper level she’s getting desperate to leave the tight claustrophobic confines of this airliner.

When the static finally breaks into communication up front, Captain Foster feels it couldn’t be soon enough, however the somewhat distorted voice on the other end isn’t communicating clearly and every whine and squeal of static is bringing new mystery to just what the situation truly is.

Adjusting the radio, the static grows thick as the voice speaks, and beyond that static, the volume is blaring louder and softer at random intervals, thumping more than just headaches into the backs of pilot and co-pilot’s skulls. Only as the static momentarily fades is the message from below suddenly crystal clear.

Captain Lance Foster is to do a lot more than move about the cabin on this flight, auto-pilot controls holding the plane in the air as he looks at his co-pilot in an entirely new way.

As Miranda learns what a real cock pit is like, the passengers have no idea what is happening until the captain decides to share the chaos up front, flipping a switch and putting the pulsating static on intercom for all passengers to listen to.

Needless to say, this is one flight where everyone is joining the mile high club, Alexis coming up with quite successful ways of getting to know her future stepson, Jake proving that he really is the slacker college motherfucker she thought he was.

Behind them Vince and Kelly, though delayed from hearing anything by the earbuds in their ears, are resolving all differences soon enough. Vince knows one way to prove he’s serious about a future with Kelly and that’s to start a family right here, right now, as brutal and public as it gets.

Further on, Rebecca discovers that the annoyances from both sides this entire flight can ultimately transition to pleasure from both sides quite easily, and thus just one of many flights circling above the city are thrust into chaos, emphasis on the thrusts.

Only when it ends, when the static is broken and the tower actually makes contact with the flight is anything known, and the group responsible for this chaotic attack is no stranger. They’ve been away for a while, but their message is clear. They are back.


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