Mar 22 2016

It only takes some Convincing

Convincing by Kris P. Kreme

Convincing by Kris P. Kreme

Every Spring Break, Annie avoids coed chaos at the beach and heads home to relax, to de-stress from studying and books. It’s only too bad that her parents are getting more and more obsessive about her lack of a boyfriend.

They harp on her every year, harassing more and more, but what if she had a pretend boyfriend, a boy brought home from college for a quick dinner and with the sole purpose of convincing her parents she wasn’t permanently single?

All Annie needs to be is fully convincing, and fortunately Jimmy seems to have all sorts of ideas.


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While Annie has never been the bookworm super shy girl on campus, she also never was much for partying and living it up over Spring Break. The ritual of throwing herself at boys and acting ridiculous was just too much for Annie and so most Spring Breaks she just went back home to her folks to supposedly enjoy some time off from studying, to get away from campus and relax.

Unfortunately for Annie, each Spring Break has become more and more difficult to relax around her parents. They constantly harass her about not having a boyfriend, about how at her age her mother was very popular with boys and how Annie is gorgeous and certainly should have no problem finding one.

As her mother puts it, Annie is missing out on an important part of life, not having a meaningful romance of sorts, a passionate encounter during her college years but Annie hasn’t been all that ready for relationships and now another Spring Break has returned and already, just calling home to tell her mom she’ll be home by dinnertime, she’s already getting harped on.

And then the solution occurred to her, right there in the middle of the education building talking on the phone with her overbearing mother. All Annie needs to do in order to have a stress free week at home without the worry of being constantly complained to about her lacking interest in boys… is to bring a boy to dinner and convince her parents that yes, she does in fact have a boyfriend.

It’s the perfect plan, just requiring some boy to act out and pretend to be her boyfriend long enough to convince her parents, and then she’ll be free of the headaches she has suffered in recent years thanks to parents who obsess over their daughter getting in some healthy dating time.

The problem is that most boys are leaving campus, hitting the beach or wherever most of the girls go. But there is Jimmy, and Jimmy seems pretty cool, popular with girls for sure as there are rumors he somehow dated every single freshman girl his first year on campus. He’s a loner and tends to rarely if ever leave the campus so naturally he’s the perfect one to ask and a short conversation later, Jimmy is on board.

A free meal and some simple convincing of a hot girl’s parents that he’s her boyfriend certainly seems a pretty decent way to spend the evening, but then is there more to Jimmy than Annie knows?

Along the drive back home, Jimmy talks strategy and the plan seems to be falling into place, Annie just sure her parents will be fully convinced that she’s with Jimmy, dating, passionate, involved, no doubts at all left in their minds.

Of course as Jimmy points out, a girl really into her boyfriend might dress a little more sexy for him and while it’s a bit odd, it makes sense. Annie has seen many girls go out of their way to dress in revealing outfits around their boyfriends, so if that’s the way to play this game, a short stop and a change of clothes midway home is nothing of a problem.

Finally at home, everything seems to be going to plan, but is there doubt in her mother’s eyes? Does her father really buy the story Annie lays out? Even the kiss that Jimmy suggested might not be enough since kisses can be forced and faked.

It’s all about convincing her parents, and as she soon finds out Jimmy is full of suggestions and ideas to further convince her mother and father that she and Jimmy are a couple, that the two of them are serious about each other. As dinner begins Annie is getting desperate to make sure that there remains no doubt, that her parents are convinced and she’s willing to take any suggestion Jimmy has since clearly he knows a lot more than she does about dating, fake or real.

This Spring Break, Annie’s diving right into the debauchery she always sought to avoid, but it’s all good since she’s just trying to be more Convincing.


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