Mar 25 2016

Desda is bored at Easter and that’s a problem

Desda the Demoness - Eggs-cellently Evil by Kris P. Kreme

Desda the Demoness – Eggs-cellently Evil by Kris P. Kreme

Desda the Demoness is bored after sending Donnie off to a made up mini-pizza convention.

But when a Sunday school teacher comes by to pick up an Easter Bunny costume for her church, the opportunity for truly Eggs-cellent evil rises.

Tricking the sweet woman into taking one of the famously cursed bunny costumes in the back of Donnie’s store, Desda adds further insult by egging poor unsuspecting Charlotte, sending her running home frightened and messy.

But these eggs haven’t just soiled this faithful woman’s body, they’ve dirtied her soul and soon she’ll be physically defiling her perfect body like never before.


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Ever since Desda came along with the full intent of ruining Donnie the Demon’s earthly amusement, things just haven’t been going anywhere near as satisfying as they should.

Sure, her ex is a complete dimwit, but the damn demon just doesn’t seem to let anything get to him, though most of that could simply be because he believes every lie and somehow even the tricks she plays on him work out just fine for Donnie.

It’s the off season now, Donnie’s Costume Castle never all that busy around this time of the year and so of course the opportunities to fuck around with Donnie are few and far between. Currently he’s off somewhere, doing who the hell knows what because Desda successfully suckered him into believing there was a mini-pizza convention out of town.

As hilarious as it is to put one over on the dimwit, now Desda is stuck managing the store and with no customers it’s duller than any date she ever had back when she and Donnie were dating. As a cruel hellish demoness, Desda needs some evil enjoyment from life now and then.

It isn’t until the jingle of the entrance bells that Desda realizes she might just get that enjoyment after all.

Charlotte Long has been a customer of Donnie’s for several years now, practically from the first year his Costume Castle opened, but until today she’s never actually set foot inside the store, always placing the order for the Easter Bunny costume her church needed over the phone and having it delivered.

The sickeningly sweet Sunday school teacher and faithful wife and mother has chosen this year to surprise Donnie, to finally meet the always friendly man who she knows is quite famed for wearing his demon costume so frequently.

Unfortunately, Donnie’s not here and the friendly greeting she gets from Desda will almost instantly take a turn for the worse. If anything is worse than humans, Desda thinks, it’s a religious human with all that pure hopeful cheer that they are always throwing about.

Pretending to help Charlotte, Desda does two things, knowing full well that both will completely ruin the attractive sweet redhead. First, she steps into the back and swaps out bunny costumes, grabbing one of the bunny costumes she knows Donnie’s former bullies cursed, the costumes that in the past have warped innocent minds and bodies like never before.

The second thing Desda does will catch poor Charlotte by surprise and send her running in humiliation from the store. Ever since coming up to the world of the humans, the world Donnie pathetically loves so much, Desda has had a bag of tricks, cruel methods of torture she intended to use. What better time of year than Easter to use the carton of colored eggs she has hidden behind the register counter?

When Charlotte is most unsuspecting, having taken the wrapped up bunny costume and nearly about to leave, Desda pulls the carton of evil eggs up and begins throwing them at the poor woman. These eggs are ruthlessly twisted methods of torture, each one splattering into Charlotte body and saturating her very soul. The ones hitting her chest bring on instant and continuous swelling, the ones hitting her head lock Desda into her thoughts so that the demoness not only will drive her mad with depravity but direct her like the perverted puppet she is soon to become.

Running home, horrified, Charlotte is feeling so many confusing sensations, assuming the swelling she is suffering is some sort of severe allergic reaction. Showering, attempting to wash away the evil, Charlotte is slowly beginning to feel that nothing will clean her soul no matter how cleanly the splattered eggs are washed away from her skin.

Desda has corrupted and controlled her, and despite the support of a concerned husband, there is no stopping a demoness with evil intentions.

It isn’t until the following day, getting dressed, and having Desda quite suddenly speaking within her mind, refusing to shut up, refusing to leave her alone, that Charlotte truly gives into the temptations that Donnie’s evil ex is offering.

After being influenced to wear the skimpy bunny costume, every twisted physical and mental urge is multiplied and the faithful Sunday school teacher’s resolve and resistance is rapidly fading.

Compelled to hop like a bunny, Charlotte feels more and more wild, more and more uninhibited, and between the cruel demands by Desda in her head and the cursed desires released by the costume she wears, Charlotte soon will be desperately seeking to defile and corrupt every supple inch of her curvy fertile body.

Desda may be dealing with a pretty dull time of year for costume sales, but one thing is certain, both she and every man Charlotte Long encounters will be having a very Happy Easter.


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