Mar 27 2016

With SINtendo, plastic is fantastic!

SINtendo Womannequinizer by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Womannequinizer by Kris P. Kreme

Bitching and complaining and threatening to break up with her game tester boyfriend, Adam, Erica never imagines the guy she suckered into paying for everything and buying her anything she wanted will finally find a way to get repaid at her expense.

Fortunately for Adam a new SINtendo game offers to WoMANNEQUINize his girlfriend, transforming her into a kinky plastic mannequin for his enjoyment… as well as the enjoyment of everyone else.

SINtendo Selects Game of the Month offers a little plastic to earn some cash off of, a little plastic named Erica.


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Adam has been a game tester for as long as he and Erica dated, but ever since they moved in together, she’s been nearly nonstop bitching about everything he does or doesn’t do with her. She’s high maintenance to a degree even a gamer can’t play with without becoming frustrated and on the day his latest game to test arrives, things in their relationship might be either crashing or reaching a whole new level.

Thanks to SINtendo, Adam is quickly swayed from ending it all and playing more than just a game with his cute girlfriend. The rush order came in and he has to test and review the follow-up to one of SINtendo’s lesser popular titles, Mannequinizer. Where in that game a man changed into a mannequin when facing penalties during the game for incorrect button presses, this one does the same but only to a woman holding the controller.

As is typical with all things SINtendo, the game is bizarre, extreme, and in this case not even much of a game, offering no points, scores, or leveling up when playing. Still, thanks to the serious bitchy rant and threat to end everything just for wanting to do his job, Adam suspects that this game might just solve everything about his relationship.

Having spent more cash and plastic on Erica than she ever spent on herself, it’s well past time she earned a little cash and what better way than to make her plastic and sell her out.

A little trickery and Erica has the game controller, angry up until the moment she presses incorrect buttons mere seconds after taking it. At that moment she freezes, literally becoming nothing more than a hollow plastic shell, a very lifelike mannequin that Adam is more than willing to exploit for some perverse enjoyment, chalking it up to just a thorough testing of the game.

From her hard plastic shell which remains strikingly warm to her kinky detachable head which puts all new meaning to the terms getting head from your girlfriend, Adam is having a literal blast and making a mess of poor Erica. But then what’s the fun about having a sexy mannequin if you can’t earn some extra income with her, repay all the debts she has run up in their life together?

Fortunately an inner city somewhat underground Sex Fest with booths offering kinky toys, pornos, and more, is just the place to take Erica’s humiliation and plastic form to the final level.

Playing games has always paid the bills but playing Erica is what truly makes Adam’s job as a game tester definitely satisfying. It’s all in the SINtendo Selects Game of the Month, out now for mature players with an immature sense of fun.


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