Pink is for Punks

Pinking the Punk by Kris P. Kreme

Pinking the Punk by Kris P. Kreme

Until recently Amber was the kinkiest punk girl Mathew knew. She took things to arousing extremes, but college has stressed her into repression and Mathew wants a bit of the old Amber.

Slipping her some bimbo pills he bought, he ignores claims of true transformation assuming they might just get Amber hot for some kinky fun again. Surprisingly the claims are true… but has he slipped her too many pills?

After becoming the perfect bimbo in body and brain for an evening, Amber suffers relapses randomly throughout classes the next day. In the end everyone might just enjoy Amber like never before.


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Mathew’s sexy coed girlfriend Amber has always been a rather kinky punk girl, and for the longest time they enjoyed every kink to the fullest. The punk girl with the purple hair and piercings was always outdoing herself as Mathew was just enjoying all the fun ways of doing her but things have changed lately and Mathew’s beginning to need a fix of the old Amber.

He’s always been cool with Amber’s choices in the relationship but the choice to put sex on the sidelines as she focuses purely on passing her college classes has Mathew aching for some punk girl fun one on one.He respects her, would never cheat on her, but really wants to somehow ease her stress which has made a once do anything anywhere girl into almost a repressed version of her former glory.

One night everything changes for Mathew with the accidental discovery of some bimbo pills online, his obviously pent up arousal to blame for even purchasing these joke pills.

The little pink pills promise to turn any girl into the perfect bimbo but it isn’t the false advertising gag stuff that has Mathew excited to slip them to Amber while she is studying one night. It’s the promise that these pills can have rather immediate sexual side effects of the uncontrollable arousal kind. He’s only hoping those effects might amp up the old Amber, get the kink back in the punk he loves.

Unfortunately after slipping more and more in drinks and food over the course of an evening, Mathew realizes his fears that the little pink pills are merely sugar pills and do absolutely nothing at all might be confirmed. She’s certainly not acting differently, until of course the most spontaneous transformation he ever could have fantasized about.

Dramatically Amber doesn’t just get aroused. She gets beyond kinky with massive breast growth, immediate lightening of her hair beyond the purple dye to a soft and fluffy blonde. Her hips curve outward, her eyes get ditzy, and Amber literally becomes a fuck hungry bimbo, the one of Mathew’s every dream.

When the following morning finds Amber returned to her old punk girl self, both she and Mathew can’t deny the rather beneficial release of stress such an evening had on them, although Amber is certainly not pleased at being slipped pills by her boyfriend.

To make it up, he promises her an evening out at a very fancy restaurant, but before that comes a full day of classes and focus on the source of all Amber’s stresses. It’s during the first class of the day that the relapses start to occur.

What’s a girl to do when randomly during class after class she finds various parts of her relapsing from punk to pink? Her tits growing in the blink of an eye, her hair seeming to just fade to blonde, and her slender frame growing all new curves from head to toe are only the beginning. When the arousal returns, will Amber even make it to dinner with her boyfriend or will she be feeding all new hungers with random strangers and classmates?

Find out in the tale of a punk girl gone bad… very bad, Pinking the Punk.


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