Aug 13 2016

The Takeover begins with a Pop-out Book

The Pop-out Book by Kris P. Kreme

The Pop-out Book by Kris P. Kreme

Working at a discount bookstore, Amelia is in her element. A shy bookish but cute girl, Amelia has no idea that the latest arrival for the special bargains table may make a bargain out of her.

The Pop-out Book is an error printing delivery to the store, meaning there were errors making the book so it isn’t to be sold in regular bookstores.

It’s a good thing too since what happens to both customers and Amelia when opening the book is anything but regular. The Pop-out Book lives up to its name, popping out passions and more that readers never knew they had.


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Some very special books are arriving for the Special Bargains section of one cluttered discount bookstore and while Amelia is going to be unloading them, she may just be handling more loads than she can imagine before the day is done.

Amelia has been the shy sexy bookworm for years, working in the bargain bookstore and never complaining. Her boss Craig though may just have hidden motives for asking her back to handle the latest delivery, some printing error books from Trance-tory Publishing.

These are books which have been found to have some sort of errors during the printing process and Amelia isn’t surprised to see them arriving for sale at Craig’s store. They sell all sorts of books, old, used, rare, or ones with printing errors. However, she is definitely not prepared for the specific brand of error found in The Pop-out Book.

Robby is a college kid only a few years younger than Amelia but somehow seeming much younger with his immaturity, and he’s the one who definitely seems up to something, having discussions with Craig the entire time she is setting the books up on the special bargains table.

At Craig’s suggestion, Amelia takes her first break of the day after the new arrivals have been properly displayed up front and is soon in the break room opening The Pop-out Book.

Inside the book isn’t a creatively put together pop-up image or scene. It isn’t a fancy pull tab to create motion or other fun paper foldouts. No, inside The Pop-out Book is a mirror finish that reflects back whoever opens it and more than that, it does something they never could have expected.

The problem is that these are not flawless prints of The Pop-out Book. Each and every copy has an error and those errors lead to all sorts of literal and mental popping out.

As a mother and her unruly nearly college age son discover, sometimes The Pop-out Book can really pop out the buttons on a shirt, the two of them looking into one of the books on display only for mother Carol to experience quite the spontaneous and pleasurable growth up top, her tits literally popping out and overwhelming her mind and body with pleasure.

Of course as Becky, a student who stops by a short time later with a couple of old friends she grew up with, discovers, sometimes The Pop-out Book can take a little longer and pop a lot more. Starting with a simple pop out of her nipples to thick quite visible nubs that her old friends, a pair of brothers, can’t resist checking out, soon her mind is popping out of her comfort zone into complete and total depravity where anything is worth doing… especially her.

But as the customers have their encounters with the latest bargain book in the store, just what is happening to Amelia in the break room? Is she being affected as these women have by The Pop-out Book, or is it taking a much more severe toll on the intelligent shy young bookworm?

They say a good book enriches the mind, but as Amelia discovers The Pop-out Book may just leave you mindless. Trance-tory Takeover month begins with the latest publishing sensation, one sure to truly pop out the pleasure in reading.


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