Trance-tory’s taste is unforgettable

Spermbot by Kris P. Kreme

Spermbot by Kris P. Kreme

Trance-tory takes over the Tech industry with the latest of debug services for phone app bots. Unfortunately Paula, the fittest woman in the gym, fails to take the warnings of an invasive Spermbot seriously and she may just end up paying a thirsty price.

When her Fitness Form app informs her of a malicious Spermbot invasion, she’s too frustrated and annoyed to consider the debug service offered.

As a result, her workout today may just be ending with one hell of a bang, her thirst unquenchable but by a quite specific intake of fluids.


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Paula may not be a native of California, but now that she has lived there for a few months she definitely is fitting in with the perfect bodies and beauty seen in the land of perpetual sun and good weather.

In fact nobody comes close to being as focused on their fitness as Paula. Having joined a gym nearly immediately after finding a place to live, most every day of every week Paula can be found earlier than most putting in the workout to end all workouts, and she’s made the most out of mixing things up, keeping the exercises fresh, and achieving every goal she sets out to accomplish… all thanks to her Fitness Form app.

The Fitness Form app is her go to convenience at the gym, her phone allowing her to constantly monitor everything from blood pressure to pulse rate to exercises done and in just the right order to perfectly tone the muscles in exactly the combination needed to stay as fit and perfect as most of the men in the gym think her to be.

Naturally since moving to California, Paula has dealt with the constant flirting lines from prospective men, but she has no room for men in her life, focused and intense about her fitness regimens. The Fitness Form app keeps her on point and always doing what needs to be done, but when her phone alerts her to a disturbing potential bot which may have infected her favorite app, Paula may just discover that she is what needs to be done.

Her ritual routine of exercise is delayed and interrupted one day by notifications that a spermbot has been detected within the Fitness Form app. According to the repeated warnings continued use of the Fitness Form app without a Trance-tory Tech debug may result in malicious and unpredictable behavior by both the app and the user.

Paula is quickly frustrated and finds the entire warning completely ridiculous, particularly because it’s obviously just some advertising spam bot and poorly spelled as an attempt to scare her into using this Trance-tory Tech debug service. Annoyed but not swayed from her regular gym routine of the day, Paula ignores the warnings and sure enough everything goes by fine… at least until the end of her time at the gym when Paula usually finds a bottle of cold water quite refreshing.

Today though the water just isn’t cutting it, each gulp only seeming to heighten her thirst, to give her more of a craving than she’s ever had before. Worried that she has somehow become massively dehydrated, a water fountain seems the immediate solution but something is not right.

Still perspiring, Paula knows deep down that she couldn’t possibly be dehydrated, and the water fountain isn’t helping at all, her body somehow going weaker and weaker every passing minute.

Her thirst is increasing, her endless need for a massive intake of fluids driving her mad… but just what are the fluids she needs because water clearly isn’t going to cut it today.

Only when a man offers her some help, concerned over the frantic looking beautiful woman desperately trying to quench her thirst, does Paula understand what she has to have, what she must immediately consume.

Some days the hardest workout in the gym can be a real pain, but for most of the men today, Paula is making it a true pleasure, in all senses of the word.

Remember readers, always check those bug reports on your phones, and always use Trance-tory Tech debug service, or else you might just find yourself the victim of a rogue Spermbot.


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