Aug 19 2016

Get wet with a Trance-tory Takeover

Wet and Wild by Kris P. Kreme

Wet and Wild by Kris P. Kreme

All Marilyn wanted was a fun night out with her boyfriend, Wes. Unfortunately he messes up those plans by impulsively stopping at T-mart on the way home, buying several price reduced Trance-tory products.

Insisting they can still make it a memorable night, Wes talks Marilyn into taking the new hose sprayer outside to water the backyard while he replaces some light fixtures inside, a home cooked meal to follow.

But when the new Wet and Wild sprayer accidentally sprays Marilyn right in the face, will she find herself hopelessly and helplessly getting so wet and wild she can’t control herself?


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Wes promised his girlfriend, Marilyn, a special night but unfortunately for her, Wes is a bit of an impulsive guy and definitely prone to bargain shopping without notice. As he arrives home later than expected, the sun already beginning to set, she can tell by the bags he carries just where he has been and she’s not too pleased to see him wasting a bunch more money at his favorite store, T-mart.

Always the enthusiastic free spirited easy going guy, Wes is simply excited to show her what he picked up, whether it’s the new light fixtures to update the horribly outdated ones Marilyn has complained about in the hall, or it’s the fancy new water hose to finally fix the issues in the backyard where grass is constantly dying.

Marilyn is typically unconvinced of the quality these T-mart products always are, most of them made by Trance-tory, a company she’s almost positive is a gimmick company that makes cheap products with a wide report of dangerous or aberrant malfunctions.

Still promising his beautiful if pessimistic girlfriend a night she’ll remember, Wes suggests a compromise to going out. Since she’s already dressed for a nice evening in her favorite t-shirt looking stellar as always, she can take the new fancy state of the art hose sprayer out and water the backyard. While she’s finishing that up it should give him just enough time to change out those lights she hated for the new Trance-tory exclusive modern ones. He’ll be cooking her a nice dinner when she returns and the evening is a happy one.

Skeptical for sure, Marilyn isn’t going to argue how she finds it ridiculous to buy the claims on the new hose sprayer that somehow it can actually filter every drop of water that goes through it to apparently enhance the nutrients and result in a thousand times the benefits of normal water.

She also isn’t going to bother explaining why the name is stupid, the Trance-tory Wet and Wild Sprayer, supposedly guaranteed to get anything watered a thousand times as wet.

Hoping for a decent evening out of all of this, Marilyn agrees and soon finds herself outside fumbling with the old hose and attaching the new one, frustrated as well by the fact their lecherous older neighbor and his drunken idiot sons are on their back deck leering at her.

Nothing can make watering a pleasure, she thinks, like the box claimed, but then just what is so special about this Trance-tory sprayer anyway? Messing around with the spray options, Marilyn totally overlooks the fact she leaves it turned on and when she opens the faucet from the back of the house a blast of spray right to the face leaves her not just soaked but trembling and embarrassed.

Meanwhile inside, Wes has discovered that changing out light fixtures may not be as simple as he thought, with shocking twists and turns to the entire process.

Will Marilyn discover that sometimes Trance-tory’s claims are anything but overblown, the sprayer definitely making her wetter? Will Wes see the light, and find all new ways of making the pleasure in his home work for him? Will the lecherous old Mr. Grissle next door share more than a beer with his sons, something much more stimulating?

Find out when a stop at T-mart makes for one hell of a special night, the kind sweet Marilyn never could have imagined and one you’ll never forget.


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