Aug 23 2016

There’s nothing dim about a Trance-tory Takeover

Deena's Not so Dim by Kris P. Kreme

Deena’s Not so Dim by Kris P. Kreme

CEO of Tech Co. Charles has everything to celebrate, having recently acquired all new contracts and seeing his company rise to the top of its industry.

However, his secretary Deena who might not be at the top of any IQ tests may have made a very serious mistake in allowing some new energy saving LED bulbs to be delivered to his office.

They buzz and with the buzzes comes all new thoughts, devious depraved parts of Charles’ mind brought to light quite literally.

The real question is, did Deena really make a mistake at all?


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As the CEO for Tech Co. Charles is a busy man, but not too busy to be aware of the gossip that goes on about his secretary. Everyone in the building knows Deena couldn’t possibly have been hired for her intelligence or business qualifications, and the truth is Charles doesn’t care what they think.

The truth is that Deena couldn’t harm a fly. She’s a little dim, sure, but she’s friendly and sweet and her job doesn’t require the smartest girl on the planet. Basically she is a secretary and at that she hasn’t done too bad, even if Charles does admit her tendency to dress a little casually and show off a bit more of her body is a tad overboard.

It bothers him much more that the building is otherwise employing such discriminating people, some of them just plain mean to poor Deena. But Charles is a busy man, and lately he has much more reasons to celebrate than to worry about what the office thinks of his secretary.

They’ve just avoided more takeovers by competing businesses and acquired some significant tech contracts that will soon make Tech Co. the strongest company in the western hemisphere in their industry.

Greeting Deena, Charles makes sure to let her know that his wife Meg and her daughter are coming by to celebrate the contracts over an early lunch. Of course leave it to Deena to let her mind wander off talking about how great his stepdaughter Sadie is at picking out clothing and how she recommended she wear her hair the way she has it.
While braided pigtails isn’t the most professional look, Charles isn’t about to get swept up in a rather silly conversation where Deena confuses him nearly as much as he confuses her.

Deena’s sweet and always so very helpful, he thinks, and so what if she’s a little dim upstairs? She’s doing fine at her job, but she probably could be better at keeping him informed about what’s happening in his office.

When Charles enters to find all the lights off, opening the shades to outside in order to see, he discovers that the bulbs have been removed from his lamp fixtures and recessed lighting above. Asking Deena, she remembers that some helpful delivery men came and dropped off new energy efficient LED bulbs to replace all the ones and save the company money. Apparently though they didn’t bother to actually replace them, just left them for him to do.

Nothing much to do before Meg and Sadie arrive, Charles isn’t going to let replacing some bulbs mess up his mood, and in fact as he screws in those new LED bulbs, brightening his office back up, the strangest thoughts begin to seep their way into his mind, thoughts he never had before but oddly can’t quite imagine not having.
There is a buzzing that accompanies the new bulbs, not a bad one, but different, much different than he would have expected. Is it the buzzing which makes him think so wrongly about his stepdaughter? Is it something Deena said?

Sometimes a bright idea leads to some very dark thoughts, and sometimes no matter how smart you are, you just may fail to see the dangers lurking right under your very nose. Find out the secrets of saving energy in the office by finding all new outlets for that energy in the twisted tale that reveals a surprising truth… Deena’s Not so Dim.


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