Nov 24 2016

Feasting on Thanksgiving

Fertile Feasts ...and Where to Find Them by Kris P. Kreme

Fertile Feasts …and Where to Find Them by Kris P. Kreme

Jake once fully respected his girlfriend Cammie, until a web cam created dominance like never before and using her became much more fun.

Sam once lusted after earning the pleasure of his strong willed girlfriend Sela, but after striking the right chord on a very special amp, he now just lusts after packing her full of babies… with help of course.

Dana was once a smart young woman but now gets dumber every time her new man Bill pumps into her.

All indulged in special feasts, and all are about to find this harvest season quite fertile to the depths of perversion and their imagination.


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Fertile Feasts have been unleashed upon the world, or at least one small corner of it, and those feasts have done far more than inspire all new appetites for the truly depraved among otherwise once ordinary souls. All have received the invitation to what promises to be a new beginning, a final dessert in a meal they ravenously can’t get enough of.

The hunger is for The Fertile Feasts, but the mystery lies in Where to Find Them.

There was a time so recent when Jake fully respected his girlfriend Cammie, but those days are over, ended with a very special web cam he got online, one which allowed him all new dominance over his sweet younger girl.

A voice which projected to a degree Cammie had never heard before, she found herself willing to do anything just to keep him chatting, and in the end she truly did do anything, with anyone, as long as she was on cam when she did it.

Now they are traveling to a special place, a place which promises to be like no other on earth, at least if the rumors of such a place are true. Jake has rigged up his web cam on the dash facing him as he drives, the laptop secured facing Cammie in the passenger seat, and there is no limit to the humiliation and twisted perversions she will submit to as long as Jake asks it of her.
Half the journey is the ride there, and for Jake, Cammie will definitely be handling a full ride, particularly when some country cops happen upon them.

Equally amused on their own journey to the same ultimate destination, Sam and his once frustrated neighbor Tim are struggling with reading the map, figuring out the right route to the place neither has ever heard of.

Sam was always passionate about his music, but the music never created near the passion it did after he acquired a new guitar amp. To say it amped things up with his once sexless Sela is an understatement as both Tim and Sam are giving it to Sela nonstop in only the hopes of ensuring she’s the most knocked up nympho in the country this Thanksgiving.

Fortunately the windows on the SUV are blacked out, otherwise everyone in traffic would see the way one of them is always in back giving Sela’s plumping up belly a thicker battering.
It’s not the only part of her getting fatter, the amp having somehow given Sam the ability to play what drove Sela wild with pleasure and what somehow echoed her tits bigger and bigger with every strum of the guitar.

Now they all travel to what promises to be the final gig, the end all be all way to make it in the music world, complete with their very own gropie groupie.

Finally, there is Dana, the girl once destined for brightness in a future where she put her brilliant mind to good use for all. Currently she’s only being used by a man old enough to be her father, Bill Mathers who is quite familiar with the rumors and myth of this place they are traveling to.

Determined to see his dreams come true of making Dana his own personal blow up doll, Bill couldn’t care less about the once smart girl gone dumb.

As all find their way to a most unexpected location, a place not found on any maps but the ones they specifically were given, a new dawn is rising on Thanksgiving Day, and this is one season of harvest where the fields will be ripe with all new life like never before.

There are some places no one can seek out, but anyone can find, and this year there are Fertile Feasts… if you know Where to Find Them.


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