Feb 08 2017

The Grab Bag twists reality this month

The Grab Bag #17 - I'm No Angel & Disobedience by Kris Kreme

The Grab Bag #17 – I’m No Angel & Disobedience by Kris Kreme

Fight the chill of the season with some hot naughty tales of omnipotence. Sometimes when something isn’t the way you like, or your neighbor just will not stop annoying you, the best solution is to literally change their mind. Change is spreading and February is going to be a hot month in the Grab Bag.


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This Grab Bag includes:

I’m No Angel: A mysterious man who may not even be a man takes a stroll through the city, just a simple shared experience to better explain the story of who he is. He’s powerful in ways most can’t fathom, with abilities that could ultimately lead to so much good in the world. Of course, the truth is, he’s no angel and has always had a taste for the perverse.

Disobedience: Gil Graven has reigned in his temper for years now, a quite particular set of skills for managing stress. He has done everything to just find peace and relaxation in his own backyard, but the annoying college kids next door are about to push too far.Now he will be testing their disobedience and seeing to it that doing the opposite of what he asks gets them a lot more than they bargained for.


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