Feb 14 2017

It’s fun to find someone who’s huggABEL

HuggABEL by Kris P. Kreme

HuggABEL by Kris P. Kreme

Abel had everything he wanted with an agreeable wife, a woman willing to do anything whenever and however he wanted.

He never knew the shock inside him, power coursing through his veins since that day in the forest, was still there.

Encountering his neighbors, Justin and Anna, Abel recalls Justin as being quite the hugger. It isn’t until that hug releases a powerful shock into Justin that Abel sees the extent of his abilities have yet to be defined.

A new ability released, Justin can soon hug a woman like no man, literally reshaping her with the squeeze of a hug, one so tight she’ll never be the same, and his sexy young wife, Anna, is only the beginning.


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You could say that life was just finally agreeing with Abel, and not in the settle in your stomach kind of fashion. No, Abel was the ordinary guy given what most guys couldn’t imagine, the ability to have anyone agree with any idea he had, no matter how outlandish or off base the idea was.

Abel had first explored it with his wife, and for good reason since Abel was still as ordinary and true to his wife as he ever was. Sure, she was a lot more eager for sex, his idea, and sure she was agreeable to any kind of sex, any place, anytime, but Abel had quickly noticed that everyone agreed with him… just not to the extremes of his sweet sexy wife, Kelly.

Life was indeed good and with Valentine’s Day fast approaching, Abel had requested time off from work which naturally his bosses agreed to. It was on one of the trips home from the office, carrying a bunch of reading material to still keep on top of during his time off that Abel chanced a run in with one of the more notorious neighbors he had.

Justin was a great guy, youngest in the neighborhood with a wife most men fantasized about far more than they should. But Justin had one quality which was impossible not to notice the first time someone met him. For all his casual easy going demeanor, Justin… was a hugger.

Some guys were just huggers, Abel figured, but Justin would hug all the time, not just when first meeting someone or saying goodbye for the final time. Justin hugged, and so when Abel struggled to carry the books up to his front porch, his vision blocked and Kelly clearly out at the store or somewhere, the last thing he expected was to see Justin’s lovely young wife quickly offering to help.

Anna was the woman even Abel blushed about sometimes, perfectly cute, vivid red hair, sweeter than ever, and she and Justin were about the happiest young couple around. It wasn’t too difficult to see why Justin was so much of a hugger, so incredibly friendly and generous with those hugs. When a guy had it all like he did with Anna for a wife, what was to stop him from being in a good mood all the time?

Chatting with Anna barely a moment or so, Abel heard that familiar happy tone and Justin was running over to join them. As with most young couples it was rare to see them without their hands all over each other, but leave it to Justin to make hugging look downright sinful.

Bragging on his sweet wife, Anna, Justin has Abel’s mind just a bit off focus and before he can even think twice about it, Justin’s pulling Abel in for a quick bro hug before leaving. Of course when visible sparks of electricity surge forth from Abel into Justin, any plans for leaving might quickly be replaced with plans much less innocent.

Justin the hugger, has just performed a dangerous hug, and it’s the hug on his mind which will change so much on Abel’s street for some time to come. Quickly offering an excuse after pulling free of the hug, Abel hopes they just buy that it was static electricity, a fluke really, but Anna’s concern for her husband results as it should in Justin reassuring her with a quick hug.

Even Abel, witnessing the whole exchange, can see the clear stunned pleasure Anna feels from that quick hug, and clearly Justin feels that and more, quickly hugging Anna again, and again, his hugs taking on all new power, new strength, Abel nearly wondering if Justin is just going to squeeze the life right out of the pretty redhead.

Fortunately it’s nothing so severe, so terrifying, but that doesn’t mean what happens will be any less shocking or depraved. Clearly Abel’s encounter with that fallen satellite isn’t left in the past, the charge still alive and well inside him, and that charge has awakened an all new lust in Justin, a lust for hugging his wife into something far more slutty than she ever was in even the most crude fantasy of any man.

Spinning her around, demonstrating his desires for his wife, Abel witnesses a hug like no other, more of the Heimlich Maneuver of hugs which somehow, in some impossible way, crushes Anna’s middle and shifts her proportions quite dramatically, tank top nearly bursting as her tits swell up from the squeeze.

Has Abel discovered that the gift he got can be passed on, that anyone who is zapped by his touch will find their thoughts directing their actions? Is this just a fluke encounter, his already amorous and affectionate neighbors losing control of their arousal for more reasons than just Abel’s hug?

It’s Valentine’s Day, and every Valentine’s Day finds countless hugs being shared, but no hug was ever as perverse as a hug on Abel’s street, and Abel may just find his marriage meeting new challenges after inviting the young neighbors in for a little tight squeezing fun.

Reshape more than your mind during Abel Bodied Month and remember, huggers are out there so be careful. You never know when a hugger might squeeze just a bit too tight.


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