Jul 29 2017

SINtendo is a learning experience…

SINtendo Grading on the Curves by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Grading on the Curves by Kris P. Kreme

Haley usually handles challenges on her own, a young teacher who handles high school boys with ease in the classroom.

Unfortunately having taught the summer history class to help failing students stay on track, she faces problems no teacher is ready for.

Five football players have failed and ethically she should bar them playing this coming season. Her easygoing husband Thomas offers an alternative, having set up an educational application which promises to test the boy’s knowledge of American History in a truly exciting way.

Haley was always the favorite teacher, but she may be much more after letting those five students play SINtendo Grading on the Curves.


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Over 13,000 Words!


Haley has always been dedicated to teaching, dedicated to her students, and dedicated to doing the right thing even if it doesn’t make her the most popular teacher. However when her summer history course finds five popular school athletes in danger of failing before the regular school year even starts back, she may do something that leads to her being more popular than she ever imagined.

Thomas and Haley are a happy couple on the surface, but Haley isn’t so happy about the choice she is faced with concerning five star athletes, eighteen year old football prodigies who are anything but when it comes to focusing on their grades.

The five seniors have failed at everything she has taught them in a summer school history course and now with mere weeks until the start of their senior year, she has to decide whether there is any way of avoiding making their fail grade official, which would prevent them from playing sports and quite likely leading the team to another state championship as they did the previous year.

Thomas is definitely into sports, as Haley well knows, but he’s also definitely into his wife, the spark well alive as evident by his casual comments and leering looks. But where Thomas can be so casual, Haley knows that even the other teachers are giving her the stink eye for considering failing those five athletes. She could be truly universally hated for doing the right thing, or weak willed and never respect herself as a teacher for doing what others want and passing them.

At least the options seems so limited until Thomas offers a solution, one last effort she can make, a simple test those five athletes can take using the tablets donated to the school just recently.

Willing to try anything if there’s even a chance it helps, Haley hears her husband out, checks out the application he has already set up on the iPad they share. It’s called Grading on the Curves, and as Thomas explains, this app is a state of the art learning game, with proven results. He’s even already set it up for American History, the material those five boys have failed at showing practically any knowledge about.

She’s skeptical, definitely so when Thomas explains that there will only be ten random questions for all five boys playing the game. Two questions a piece seems hardly enough to prove anything, but as he says the questions are very challenging and totally random. One could get a question on constitutional law and the other could be asked about a famous historical figure.

Pushed to her limits on what choice she really has, the young twenty-six year old teacher agrees to give it a shot, but only to see how badly the five athletic boys do… something her husband assures her won’t happen.

Showing up for the scheduled meeting at the school, the meeting Brian, Howie, Justin, Lincoln, and Jamal all feared would be the end to their football season before it even started, Haley informs them of the one last shot, the final chance to save their grades and prove that they do in fact know something about American History.

Naturally this is good news for the five who are willing to try this educational application out, but none of them, including Haley, know that they may all be learning a lot more about their own desires before the hour is up.

Attractive, slender, tall, and somehow busty, Haley has always been the favorite for male students, but when she starts the application game from her desk, syncing with all five boys tablets, Grading on the Curves might just make history for how perfect she becomes.

Unknown to Haley, the game informs all five athletic students that they will be randomly asked a series of questions. If they get their question right, they will be rewarded by getting to permanently alter their favorite sexy teacher in a variety of kinky ways.

As impossible as that sounds, none of them are about to let even the chance slip through their fingers. They’ve won championship games, felt the pressure and intensity of their pulse racing, but with each and every history question they get, these boys will face excitement and action like they never imagined.

The rewards are related to each question in a way only SINtendo could create and even if Haley quickly realizes that something is very wrong, she’s helpless to fight full participation in those rewards until the game is complete.

Will Haley put all new meaning into the words Grading on the Curves? Will she pass her students or end up being passed around by her students? And what about Thomas… could her husband possibly have known what would happen to his sexy young wife by suggesting she try this educational application?

In a rare Kustom Kreme SINtendo Single discover the epic educational endowments that are sure to educate everyone in just how fun teaching can be… and even more how everyone might not enjoy grading, but they always enjoy SINtendo Grading on the Curves.


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