Nov 18 2017

The Klassic answer is… yes.

No means Yes by Kris P. Kreme

No means Yes by Kris P. Kreme

When Rebecca zones out during a work presentation intended to boost positivity and saying yes when otherwise tempted to say no, she has no idea where her workday is going to lead.

Pursued by a creep named Richard, who noticed how Rebecca reacted to the hypnotherapist leading the presentation, can anything prevent Rebecca from saying yes to everything he could possibly want from her?

Just when it seems there is no help, the power of saying yes to standing up for what is right might just make an office uber-nerd the hero Rebecca never imagined.


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Not all technical support specialists are nerdy losers, even if nearly all of the guys Rebecca works with fall into the fairly typical stereotypes. One thing all of those guys agree though is that Rebecca is the exception, and quite the eye catching exception.

She’s never been at all bothered by the fact the nerdy coworkers stare, never one to compromise her style or her confidence, fully willing to leave a button undone, to slide her skirt up just a bit, to tease and give the poor nerds a thrill on occasion.

However, there have been certain coworkers Rebecca has learned you just don’t give an inch to, as they will almost certainly take a mile. Even if most of the men in her office are fully accepting of themselves, their level in life, their place on the social ladder, and most just appreciate having someone as hot as Rebecca around to smile at, there are those who refuse to accept that they don’t have a chance with her.

Rebecca calls the honest ones, the ones who respect boundaries, the uber-nerds, so smart and focused any conversation is awkward and so they rarely speak up to a woman like her. The others though are men who think they aren’t nerds, that they are just as perfect as Rebecca is, and somehow their ego has only made them unbearable losers, total jerks who hit on her and make comments from time to time.

In any office, getting along with everyone all the time is nearly impossible, but that isn’t the idea behind inviting famed author Mr. Secret to a special mandatory presentation, one intended to boost positivity in the workplace. Mr. Secret is a famed hypnotherapist who encourages saying yes when no could much easier be said, volunteering for more around the office, saying yes to helping on a project, generally boosting morale and the bond between coworkers.

It’s a typical presentation, Rebecca assumes, just some guy making a speech, supposedly relaxing them through his unique methods, putting the suggestion in their minds to consider yes when no otherwise would be their go to response.

Unfortunately Rebecca recalls hearing friends tell her back in college that she was remarkably easy to hypnotize, that she once did silly things like cluck like a chicken and generally embarrassing things at a party. She always thought she was just drunk that night, but when Rebecca finds a huge chunk of Mr. Secret’s presentation missing, zoning out completely, she may be in for some unexpected surprises, most of which are very unwanted.

It’s after the presentation, one she assumed was so boring she fell asleep, luckily no one else noticing, that Richard first shows up at her desk.

Unfortunately Richard is one of the jerks, the loser nerds who think they have a chance with Rebecca, always quick to make comments or hit on her.

When his subtle but directed question asking her if she is going to pick up a pencil results in Rebecca blurting out yes right away and immediately bending to pick it up, giving Richard quite the show, she knows something isn’t right.

However Richard is far from done, seeming to test his boundaries more and more, returning to her cubical and asking several yes or no questions, the constant yes replies Rebecca hears herself saying resulting in more and more indecent office behavior.

Will Richard truly take things too far? Can Rebecca possibly say no to anything asked of her? Or will one of the uber-nerds finally speak up, finally take a stand, and ultimately show that Rebecca may have misjudged them and who her type of man really is?

Find out in the all newly rewritten Kreme Klassic, the one that takes office encounters deep inside the hypnotic mind, No means Yes.


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