Dec 02 2017

Some Black Friday specials are a Grab Bag

Grab Bag #24 - Black Magic Friday & Going Down? by Kris P, Kreme

Grab Bag #24 – Black Magic Friday & Going Down? by Kris P, Kreme

It’s November already… and more than just temperatures are Going Down!
But first, prices are dropping on bargain days so shop for that special someone.
With a little luck, and perhaps a little magic, you might just get the perfect someone!

This Grab Bag includes:

Black Magic Friday: Intending to shop the bargains and come out on top, Katherine never suspects that someone might be shopping her, and she’ll be cumming all the same. Boris, the security guard at a popular electronics chain has quite nefarious plans in store for the perky young redhead. She will be his guinea pig for testing some black magic symbols that once inked on her flesh make her his to control.

Going Down? Sasha encounters a friendly man on an elevator one night and has a rather enlightening conversation, one where she ends up feeling entirely different about the direction she is heading. Going Down takes on whole new meaning and Sasha has a very full night ahead of her. It’s all about conversation with this all-dialogue story, the semi-sequel you never expected to Konversationally Speaking.


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