Dec 25 2017

It’s amazing what Stuff you find at Krismas

Santa's Stuff by Kris P. Kreme

Santa’s Stuff by Kris P. Kreme

Lance probably never expected the sweet church girl he married seven months ago to have quite so healthy a fantasy life.

He equally never expected that kinky sex kitten to be so eager about leading him to a porn shop her friend Tina told her about, a place that has a full replica of a famous television throne made of dildos and vibrators instead of swords.

He definitely never expected that a rather menacing man dressed as Santa on that throne would somehow corrupt his wife into openly cheating on him by shouting Ho Ho Ho!

There’s plenty of stores out there offering plenty of stuff this Christmas… but Debbie definitely will be feeling the stuffing at a store called Santa’s Stuff.


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There was probably never a time most husbands were quite so thrilled to be dragged out Christmas shopping by their wife, but then most husbands hadn’t lucked out with a kinky wife like Debbie.

Debbie was a church girl when they met, but ever since they married seven months ago, she has proven the myth quite false that religious girls can’t be kinky.

Even in the car on the way out to a late night mystery shopping destination, Debbie is pushing his buttons. Other than insisting on wearing about the sluttiest holiday outfit, a one piece tight red dress with white trim and accenting shoulder cape, Debbie is quick to inform him she’s wearing absolutely nothing underneath.

But just where is this mystery destination she has in mind? It’s none other than a porn shop, one a rather promiscuous friend of hers from the office mentioned she had to check out around Christmas.

Intending to pick up some sexy lingerie, Lance is practically ready to rip off what Debbie has before even arriving at the mystery destination.

About the last thing he’d ever expected was a slightly rundown inner city porn shop called Santa’s Stuff. It’s a strangely seasonally named place, but as they walk in, Debbie points out what her friend Tina had mentioned seeing advertised.

It’s a quite elaborate holiday display, a full recreation of perhaps the most famous throne in television history… though this display titled The Game of Bones, and bones definitely doesn’t refer to anatomy.

Completely made up of dildos and vibrators of all shapes and sizes, this throne is currently occupied by the most solemn looking Santa performer Lance has ever seen, and yet his young wife Debbie can’t get enough of the kinky tonight, insisting on a photo when one of the many sex dolls posed around this Santa bears a striking resemblance to her friend Tina.

Perhaps if Lance hadn’t been so incredibly turned on from the kinks in the car on the way over, he might have wondered more about all the fleshy yet rubberized plastic sex dolls around this throne. Maybe he would have thought more about some porn shop that hires a convincingly menacing Santa to stay still and silent on a throne of dildos.

As it is, nothing prepares either of them for the moment this Santa suddenly bellows out quite loudly a HO HO HOOOO, literally shaking the shelves of products around them.

Repeating his cry, something is happening, Debbie curling lips into a grin, proving how truthful she was as she pulls up her slutty holiday dress and backs up, taking a seat on Santa’s lap, quite openly cheating on her husband and eagerly impaling herself over and over.

As crazy as it all seems, crazy has no meaning until the true origin of the store’s name reveals itself, as the climax of all climaxes takes place and everything about Debbie is changing before Lance’s eyes.

There’s kinky wives everywhere but none of the stuff those wives are into can compare… to Santa’s Stuff.


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