Dec 30 2017

It’s time to return to Santa-Land… Days Later…

Days Later... Adventures in Santa-Land by Kris P. Kreme

Days Later… Adventures in Santa-Land by Kris P. Kreme

In Adventures in Santa-Land, we met a family visiting a holiday theme park on Christmas Eve. Days Later… that family is feeling the effects of such a visit.

Nineteen year old Belle found stockings and gloves but after trying them on hasn’t taken them off since. They give power, beyond changing her hair from blonde to red. Every man that she speaks to or touches can’t resist fucking her.

Her brother Nick received a splinter from a Christmas Carving. It infected him with the spirit of Santa, at least a variation of it. Now the twinkle in his eyes turns women naughty.

Santa-Land is searching for the dangerous irregular stockings, never knowing Nick is a danger they aren’t aware of.


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It was just days ago that a family visited the holiday theme park Santa-Land, just days ago that two grown children discovered the magic of the season could be downright depraved. Now Days Later… the kinky Christmas chaos continues.

There’s stress at Santa-Land just days after Christmas, when usually the only stress would be packing things up to close down after another successful holiday season. This year though Jeff Pierson, the inventory and exchange manager for years at Santa-Land has a serious problem.

Irregular items never meant to be sold are missing, and only he knows just what dangers irregulars can pose. His entire work crew is desperately searching, doing inventory, seeking out the missing icicle stockings and matching gloves. He already suspects they were taken and worn at one point on the day before Christmas, mostly due to finding employees and other guests to the resort in a state of undress, so wiped out by sex that they barely remembered much more than a cute redheaded older teen.

But what Jeff doesn’t know, even when one of the more astute staff asks about it, is that the missing irregular clothing items are very much related to some unusual blood found in a section of the park called Christmas Carvings.

While the mystery redhead may have had nothing to do with that incident, her brother did, and little does Jeff Pierson know what perverse pleasures one family has been giving into ever since leaving the park days before.

For Belle, the once blonde, now redhead after slipping on a fancy pair of stockings and gloves, life has been one long fuck. Every man she bats her eyes at much less touches with the special icicle gloves melts into lusty desire for her, and that has naturally included the men in her own family.

When she’s not bouncing the bed springs with her brother, she’s seducing her old man, but just why does her brother have such a charm all his own?

in his mid twenties, Nick was always the big brother who put up with his brat of a sister, and then came Santa-Land, when women became the least of his troubles and the heights of his pleasure, thanks to an accidental splinter from a mysterious sculpture in the park.

It’s as though he slowly has been changing into Santa ever since, a magic within him, a twinkle in his eyes, his hair graying, but his lusty appetite growing. Every woman that looks at him, who locks eyes with him, immediately wants to show how naughty they are, and Nick is only too happy to enjoy such displays.

His sister Belle is definitely one of the naughty ones, even if she does always insist on wearing the strange stockings and gloves she got that day in the park.

It’s only unfortunate that their mother, the one actually responsible for insisting the family enjoy a holiday fun time at Santa-Land has been rather catatonic in shock for days now, ever since the innocent first fuck in the car Nick and Belle shared.

Intending to visit his old neighborhood buddy, Nick leaves Belle to her own devices for today, her only intentions to get Daddy doing quite dirty things to her. Little do any of them know that a search is underway, a search specifically for Belle, but one which Nick may ultimately intervene in.

Will Santa-Land recover the lost irregular stockings and gloves, the twisted nano-fiber smart clothing that makes a girl do really dumb things with every man around her? Will Belle get belly blasted so full she forever loses that slender little figure of hers? Just what might happen to her if the stockings and gloves are finally removed? And is Santa infected Nick to be the fly in the ointment that promises a new year of depravity all around?

Find out in the very first of an all new series that will explore your favorite Tales from the Kreme shortly after those tales took place. The action might be over with The End… but the fun is still happening Days Later.


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From the Kreme to all readers… Best wishes for 2018!