The Island of MOO returns

MOOdern Mysteries by Kris P. Kreme

MOOdern Mysteries by Kris P. Kreme

The sequel you never expected to Midnight at MOO Mall!

On a small mysterious island in the South Pacific, three television investigators of supernatural and paranormal happenings find themselves truly lost in the Valley of the Vines.

Selfish and arrogant star Joanne Wong may find much more than her attitude drained long before she ever has a thought to leave this jungle hidden valley.

In the show Modern Mysteries, famed and feared locales around the world are explored, but tonight under the full moon, it may be perversions that are explored, and thanks to the mysterious power of this exotic place, MOOdern Mysteries may cum to a happy end.


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Over 10,000 words of Kreme!

There exists a small island in the South Pacific, popular for tourists, even more popular for mysterious disappearances.

Long long ago the main concern may have been early ships that vanished along the coasts; even more recent the supernatural spirits surrounded stories of strange goings on at Moon Mall, a shopping district built in just the past two decades on recently cleared jungle ground near ancient tribes.

Now a popular international investigation television show has chosen this island as the locale for it’s latest greatest feature show, but with only the three of them venturing into a rumored cursed valley in the middle of the jungle is there any chance they won’t become part of the legend themselves?

Modern Mysteries has become a famed supernatural sites investigation series out of Asia, mostly in part due to the appeal lead investigator Joanne Wong has to her throngs of male followers. As gorgeous and exotic looking as she is fierce and bitchy, Joanne plays her role well, looking both professional and sexy no matter what part of the world their television show takes them to.

With only two others at her side, the popular mystery show has gotten in some great locations for episodes, and this time they are on the popular tourist island very far away from the tourists, up in the thick jungle mountains, destined for the Valley of the Vines.

With producer and makeup expert Sandy at her side, the sole man of the little expedition is Jacky Cheong, a genius with the camera, and generally unappreciated grunt of the team. Little does Jacky know that this particular episode of Modern Mysteries will solve for good the mystery of what might happen if he finally had the chance to get back at the two nearest bitches in his daily life.

It was reported in legend and whispered about by local islanders that the Valley of the Vines was where an ancient tribe would exile those with selfish desires, those whose ambitions outweighed the good of their fellow community. Presumably the vines of this valley would take them, never to be seen again, but little is known about just what happened then, about how long they survived or what exactly fate they suffered.

When a conceited self obsessed cruel woman like the lovely Joanne Wong enters the Valley of the Vines, accompanied by her equally arrogant if more shy producer Sandy, Jacky may be capturing firsthand footage of exactly what power lays within the Valley of the Vines.

In Midnight at MOO Mall you first witnessed the supernatural spirits of this tropical island, an island where selfish arrogance and bitchy attitudes are most thoroughly drained during the night of a full moon. Now see what happens when another mystery of the island proves too intense for television viewers but intensely pleasurable for the cast of MOOdern Mysteries.


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