May 29 2018

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SINtendo Grading HIGHer Curves by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Grading HIGHer Curves by Kris P. Kreme

Everyone’s favorite teacher Haley has a problem, and she’s already handled one problem in student teacher Rose.

School is over, championship football season in the books, but with the team losing players it’s time to recruit and that’s where three transfer students come in.

These are the best in the state and thanks to slutty teachers like Haley, they’re eager to transfer to her school… only the state needs someone to ensure they qualify for the move.

With Haley on pregnancy leave and Rose getting closer to needing her own, it’s up to Haley to find the right young educator for an all new game of Grading on the Curves.

The game is different this time; the stakes are much HIGHer.


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Over 18,000 Words of Kreme!

The conclusion to the SINtendo Grading Curves trilogy!

Education is never a game, but try telling that to one time by the books teacher Haley. It was not quite a year ago that Haley was faced with a difficult decision, looking the other way and passing a number of failing football players who would lead the school to another championship… or doing the right thing and making them ineligible to play.

It was Haley’s husband who ended up making the decision for her when he talked her into using a special educational testing application reportedly guaranteed to prove once and for all that the athletes in question had what it took to get passing grades and qualify for the team. Unknown to Haley, she was the one about to be educated.

SINtendo Grading on the Curves offered random educational questions for each of the athletes, but with a reward for correct answers like Haley could never imagine. In one afternoon she went from ethical teacher to every athlete’s favorite slut in the classroom, offering incentives to keep them performing their best both inside and outside the classrooms.

Yet troubles arose when by the end of the year another championship was in the trophy cases and the school board sent a young student teacher named Rose to investigate allegations of grade compromising. Haley had accepted and eagerly enjoyed her time on her back and was looking forward to only more of it, but there was a thorn to contend with named Rose.

In the end, all things worked out, thanks mostly to SINtendo and a once moral upstanding young teacher named Haley who’d only educated herself on just how depraved she could be, both with herself and others.

And yet the school year is over, Haley’s on a most obvious pregnancy leave from her job, and yet trouble is rising to potentially spoil everything all over again.

Thomas is more than happy with the temporary sub-slut Rose as his wife Haley rests to pop out a future star athlete, courtesy of one of her star pupils last semester. But he’s definitely not happy, nor is his wife, to hear that three talented football players transferring from other schools around the state may not be eligible for admission to his old high school where he once played, where he now gambles quite successfully on how well the team still plays

These are three recruits personally brought in on transferring to this specific school for their senior year, all thanks to the promise of something quite motivating to any teen, a hot slutty reward for on the field expertise. They may well be dumber than hammers, but in football they are geniuses, and now the state has questions about them mysteriously wanting to transfer in to a school that already seems to have far too many athletic advantages over other schools.

In order to approve their transfer and put the final stamp of approval on these new students joining both the school and the team, a passing test to show their academic basics is needed, and naturally the state has contacted Haley to handle arranging such a test.

Of course Haley is unfortunately in no condition to handle the testing herself, and any other likely candidate is probably going to fail those four without a second thought… unless Haley chooses just the right candidate to recommend.

Emily is perfect, a young teacher who literally is fresh out of college, passing all her qualification exams to become a teacher, awaiting her very first assignment. She’s so new to being a teacher she still lives at home, and barely has four years age on the very students wanting to transfer in and play championship football.

Those students will find themselves playing something a lot more fun, but just as physical, when Haley arranges the testing one summer Saturday, informing Emily just how the educational interactive application works, assuring her the test practically runs itself.

All Emily needs to do is show up, meet the three students, and sync up the teacher’s instructional tablet with the ones each student is provided. What poor Emily never could imagine is that she never has a chance to leave that classroom the same once she enters.

Haley has made some special modifications to SINtendo Grading on the Curves, enabled cheat modes, provided all answers if needed, and even enhanced the normal testing with non-educational personal questions and special bonus rewards… all of which will soon have young Emily starting on an entirely different path in life than the one she was eagerly anticipating.

Emily isn’t going to have her ambition or her intelligence stolen. No, Emily is going to actually retain all knowledge, if not actually becoming more intelligent, and she’s going to become exactly the teacher Haley needs her to be, whether she wants to or not.

The importance of education is high, but for one young motivated teacher fresh out of college she’ll discover that nothing grades that importance like Grading HIGHer Curves.


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