Jun 06 2018

The Kreme of the Krop for 2017 came in a bit late this season

Over 46,000 Words of Kreme!

Kreme of the Krop 2017 by Kris P. Kreme

Kreme of the Krop 2017 by Kris P. Kreme

Every year there comes a time when all the plowing, all the dirty sweaty work, and all the generously planted seed from last year gets sifted and sorted, the very choicest juiciest tales hand selected and offered up in one giant feast… and that time has cum once again.

It’s the Kreme of the Krop 2017, only the very best from last year, headed off by a Brand New tale that tells of a young ranch girl named Laney, who certainly brings in the Kreme of her own Krop.

Buck Torrance never thought he’d be packing up bags, loading up his dual cab truck, and leaving the family ranch. Of course even if it’s only for a week vacation, the first vacation in decades, it still feels strange to be heading off before the new ranch hands are hired for the upcoming summer.

Still, Buck has one thing no one has in the tomboy daughter Laney. Even if she acts as tough as a boy, no one in town ever has seen anything but perfection in a country girl, the vibrant beautiful Laney not only an excellent ranch girl but a skilled horse rider, something she does each and every morning before watching the sunrise from an old wooden platform at the edge of her father’s ranch.

Buck knows that the ranch couldn’t be in more capable hands than Laney’s while he is away, and he even took out an ad in the local Gazette, one that will have plenty of ranch hands stopping by for interviews and jobs while he’s out of town.

It isn’t until his neighbor from miles down the road, Caleb, walks in as he’s nearly done loading up his truck that Buck has any reason to second guess his vacation plans. Caleb’s an chiseled old guy like himself, having seen Laney grow up as much as her father has, but Caleb seems to have something of concern on his mind about leaving her to handle things at the ranch.

Buck assures Caleb that there’s nothing Laney can’t handle, that she’s just going to be meeting the new ranch hands, offering various ranch hand jobs, making sure the place is all staffed up for another year by the time Buck gets back from his trip.

Yet Caleb seems unsure, worried about something in the morning copy of The Gazette he clutches. While Laney walks up in the morning sun, her gorgeous red hair and country smile interrupting anything Caleb had been thinking of saying, Buck makes sure that Caleb knows the ranch is in good hands, and Laney will handle everything.

It isn’t until Buck drives off that Caleb finally speaks up, expressing concerns over an apparent misprint in the Gazette ad Laney’s father took out. As he puts it, the Gazette has a bit of a reputation, and this reputation is best summed up by their slogan ‘We Only Print the Truth’.

But just what will Laney think when she sees that an add for Ranch Hand Jobs was misprinted to read Ranch Handjobs? Will she be able to handle herself as well as she handles the ranch… and just how extensively capable are the lovely young hands this ranch has been left to?

One thing is certain, by the time Buck returns the sexy young ranch girl that is his daughter will have given plenty of jobs, to plenty of enthusiastic men about town.

And from 2017…

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