Jun 14 2018

It’s time for Darwin to lay more than the law

Darwin's Law and the Audacious Auditor

Darwin’s Law and the Audacious Auditor

Darwin Darius had wealth and power, yet a woman never fell for him. He did his best to manage the anger at failing in the game of love, until finally he accepted a better game… lust.

Darwin’s temper was never anything but short, and that temper created long repercussions. Possessing a unique talent for mental and physical manipulation of all around when his anger boils over, Darwin took it upon himself to set manipulative selfish bitches on new paths.

Today he’ll deal with a mother and her princess daughter, but mainly he’ll find himself teaching an audacious auditor what crunching the numbers in her favor can do to a girl.


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There was a time when Darwin Darius tried to manage his anger, if only because his anger brought out the worst in him and the most depraved in others. That time is long past now, as independently wealthy Darwin has finally embraced his own unfortunate law and ever since the day he had car trouble in the wrong part of town he has been laying down that law for almost every woman he encountered.

Women are fascinating creatures, often so perfect and gorgeous, but equally as often that beauty creates a monster of selfish manipulative egos, women using and abusing poor saps everyday. But every poor sap deserves a hero and Darwin Darius is that anti-hero, the man with the power to truly lay down the law, and get laid doing it.

Money was never a problem, success in business a breeze, but getting a woman to actually care for him seemed impossible no matter how nice he tried to be. Early on in life, the frustrations built and his anger surged, and Darwin discovered that once his anger triggered just past a certain point, he could unleash his every whim, every fantasy, every cruel manipulation upon the minds of those around him.

Some had an explosive temper, but few had tempers so explosive that everyone around suffered collateral damage quite mind numbing. It’s Darwin’s Law that he lives by, the law of basic respect and decency, and when a woman or women attempt to manipulate or trample over that decency, they can get downright indecent thanks to his cruel whims

When his car needed to be towed to a garage those months back, it had been Bella that kept the car from getting fixed… Bella who he’d given an attitude adjustment to and Bella who’d ended up getting adjusted quite nicely on every cock in the garage. From then on, one garage after another ended up failing to get Darwin his car back, but mostly that was his own fault since nearly every place had at least one woman with a chip on her shoulder, a chip he was more than happy to chisel away at.

So now, Darwin may be wealthy but he still needs ride shares to get around the city, to check in on his corporate office downtown, and it’s after a particularly frustrating ride share service to his high rise office tower downtown where we find Darwin Darius dealing with yet another day of annoyances.

Heather had insisted on stopping to pick up her teenage daughter Leah, but Heather hadn’t cared that Leah was a big girl who should have handled her own problems. Now Heather was earning a real tip, nice and fat thrust into her throat over and over, and Leah was about to learn a lesson that her mother was a milf… and soon enough she’d be a milf too, just as soon as some nearby city workers made her a mommy.

But Darwin has business to attend to, and most unpleasant business at that when he meets a fairly forceful young woman named Eunice insisting she step into his office to meet with him, much to the frustration of Darwin’s faithful secretary.

Allowing her inside his penthouse office, Darwin is bothered to learn that Eunice Lee is an auditor and she’s there to warn him that she has taken it upon herself to dig up some inaccuracies and misfiled assets in his accounts, some numbers that could cost him dearly if she went to her company with them.

Eunice is an auditor but she’s not playing by the rules, only her own rules as she intends to try and scare some money out of Darwin to keep quiet about what she knows.

Infuriated and definitely angry from a frustrating ride into work, Darwin certainly doesn’t mind that Eunice just happens to be a very attractive and quite busty Asian, his own personal favorite woman to lay the law down with. She’s clearly done this before, but Eunice definitely has never dealt with anyone like Darwin Darius.

When she suggests sitting down and crunching the numbers, seeing just how this can all work out in her favor, Darwin feels somewhat inspired and soon poor Eunice will be doing some crunches like a fit woman has never imagined, standing and flexing more and more rapid standing crunches as her fat tits slap ever more wildly, oozing and growing and becoming only more freakish.

More than her selfish intentions end up deflated, but Darwin has a talent for inflating more than just his numbers and assets, and before Eunice staggers out from his office to a whole new career, he’ll make sure she’s very well altered to straddle a pole and earn every dollar she tried to blackmail from him.

It’s just another day in the life of Darwin Darius, the man with the talent for setting bitches straight, the man who takes every manipulative woman of classic beauty and twists her freakishly into the stuff of depraved fantasies… all thanks to his own unfortunate law.

No one can break his law and get away with it, especially not an audacious auditor with a knack for truly crunching the numbers.


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