You never know who’s going to be on display

Public Displays by Kris P. Kreme

Public Displays by Kris P. Kreme

Seemingly unconnected random events are striking public places, women and girls of all ages, all beautiful, are losing inhibitions and morality, becoming little more than sex crazed fiends.

Yet what is affecting them, and will a journalist, Samantha, put all the pieces together before she or worse still her sweet innocent young daughter Katie fall prey to the same chaos?

The mystery may ultimately be solved, but that doesn’t mean anyone will be safe… at least not in one particular way. And when those behind the chaotic crimes are finally revealed, the smut will hit the fan in ways most public.


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Samantha is an investigative journalist working on a big story which may ultimately end up striking much closer to home than she planned.

Everyone knew that something very strange was happening when the prettiest Channel 7 news anchor seemingly went into heat at a local coffee shop one morning and soon was grunting as the more than friendly staff tried to add her own milk to the coffee.

It was clearly not just a sudden breakdown of stress, and for Samantha it was only the first of many incidents, each one happening in totally random public places, each one only affecting attractive women of certain ages. Whether it was the DMV office two towns over which left once innocent girls impossibly bloated from aggressive sex or other similar incidents at a doctor’s office waiting room and a school, something is definitely happening out there.

As far as Samantha can tell the only real pattern is the fact that all places were places open to the public, which is probably the main reason she is so concerned when her daughter Katie wants to get out of the house for a bit and go browse the local mall.

As Katie puts it though, the attacks or whatever they are have not happened near the mall and she’s her mother’s daughter, very much aware of her surroundings and who to avoid. She’s innocent but not stupid, and Samantha knows she can handle herself.

Yet even if Katie denies being a beautiful girl, anyone would be a fool not to notice a cute redhead out at the mall, and there are plenty of unsavory details Samantha has kept from her daughter.

Worried that there is just something she is missing, an obvious link between the seemingly random events, Samantha knows that in many cases what happened to the beautiful women of all ages seemed downright physically impossible. She also knows that no matter where or when, whoever is behind the cases of carnal chaos will strike again. Fortunately she is determined to get to the bottom of it and save further girls a depraved fate.

Yet when Katie notices something in an electronics store at the mall that clues her into a pattern her mother had totally missed about all the attack sites, will she even get the chance to call and warn her?

It’s a Readers Choice Month mystery. Someone, perhaps some nefarious group is out there causing chaos… and this is purely just the chaos of little more than smut. It’s all about Public Displays, but these are much more than mere displays of affection.


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