Jul 30 2018

Reader’s Choice 2018 closes with a return Days Later…

Days Later... SINtendo DevilDOLL by Kris P. Kreme

Days Later… SINtendo DevilDOLL by Kris P. Kreme

It was just days ago that Kyle received a big gift and a bigger shock from the surprise his girlfriend Deanna had planned for his birthday.

Given a SINtendo Whee, he had assumed she got him a very realistic sex doll that looked like a younger version of herself. In fact that sex doll was her daughter Victoria who had been erased from existence by the game system until the Devil was fucked out of her.

Now Days Later, Victoria is determined not to lose her status as future class valedictorian, a threat from the principal’s daughter Bree. Tricking the girl home and into an all new game of SINtendo DevilDOLL, this may be one game Kyle can’t win.


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It seems like a lot longer ago that Kyle experienced the birthday shock and surprise of a lifetime, getting given a SINtendo Whee game system by his girlfriend Deanna. Yet it is only Days Later he finds himself still strangely horrified about just what it did to irreversibly change his relationship with both her and her teenage daughter Victoria.

Victoria had always been a cool kid, though now thanks to inadvertently becoming a pawn in a game called SINtendo DevilDOLL she literally is carrying his kid, and has seemingly embraced getting downright slutty at every moment with Kyle.

Shortly after she’d had the Devil fucked right out of her and woke back from her sex doll form, Victoria had seduced Kyle into doing doubly what was done to her to her mother. It only seemed fair of course, and so now with Deanna on quite unexpected maternity leave from her job, he’s spending a lot of time at her place, just trying to make peace with what all happened.

Kyle hasn’t even touched the SINtendo system since that day but it isn’t him who will start the next unfortunate game of SINtendo DevilDOLL, it’s none other than Victoria, the sexy smart high school senior who is ready to take drastic steps to protect her future as Valedictorian of the graduating class.

Naturally everyone at school would have had to be blind not to notice her sudden preggo belly upon returning to class after Halloween, but only one was smart enough and devious enough to wiggle the truth from Victoria. That girl is Bree, the cruel but sexy blonde who happens to be both the smartest girl in school besides Victoria, and the principal’s daughter.

When Bree threatened to go to her mother the Principal with the truth behind some older guy knocking up the class valedictorian, Victoria knew the time for games was over.

But poor Kyle definitely isn’t prepared when he hears the familiar game music from the living room and rushes in just in time to witness Bree forever changing into a blank eyed lifeless sex doll as the latest pawn in SINtendo DevilDOLL.

The game options are obvious, written right on the screen, the DevilDOLL has taken a life, but more than that. It has taken the entire existence of that life, meaning that outside of Victoria and Kyle who saw Bree transform, no one on earth remembers her ever existing.

He has no choice but to once again fuck the Devil right out of another sexy teenage girl… or does he? It’s Days Later.. but this may be the one SINtendo game no one can see the ending of, least of all the man forced into playing it.

Readers Choice Month ends with yet another all new SINtendo tale, where the games often get dirty and not every game ends with a winner. The only winner this time, may be you, readers.


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Reader’s Choice 2018 has come to a close…

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