SINtendo’s dare can be… stupid.

SINtendo Stoooooopid by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Stoooooopid by Kris P. Kreme

Evan knows the best gamer on campus is Ivy, known as Ivy Ice, because she’s always cool under pressure.

But rival gamers Rex and Tony may have a new kind of pressure Ivy will never see coming, and Evan could be the means to introducing that pressure.

Suckering Evan into their scheme, asking him to help them with a difficult multiplayer gaming situation, Rex and Tony intend to tackle a particularly complicated flash game called Stoooooopid.

According to them, the game presents so many sources of information while playing, a player loses the ability to focus, to think properly.

But what is their hidden agenda, and will Ivy Ice thaw into a total moron before anyone figures it out?


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Everyone in Evan’s coed dorm knows the best gamer on campus has to be Ivy, or Ivy Ice as her gamer tag describes. She’s cool as ice under pressure and easily the most talented gamer Evan has ever seen. But if there were any other gamers that might come close, it would have to be Rex and Tony.

That’s what makes it so unusual the day Evan is confronted with smiles and scheming eyes by Rex and Tony, both of them claiming he’s exactly who they were looking for to help them tackle a major multiplayer challenge.

Not that Evan never plays video games, but there are probably plenty of better choices, yet for some reason the two insist that Evan is the perfect one, the right choice this time.

As they explain it’s a very fun multiplayer experience, and apparently Rex and Tony have never accepted that a girl can possibly be considered even a decent gamer. So when Ivy is found dominating a video game on the big screen in the dorm common room, Rex and Tony are all grins to show her a thing or two about gaming, that only a man can ultimately be the best.

Still unsure Evan is even more unsure about coming down on the opposite side of this confrontation to Ivy. He’s had something of a crush on her ever since he first saw her on campus, and everyone in the dorm knows it. He has far too much respect for her as a gamer to say nothing, so Evan speaks up and that is when a plan Rex and Tony have been scheming for a while starts to unfold.

Asking what game the boys could possibly be having trouble with, giving her always icy stare, Ivy is told by Rex that the game is a flash game which can be played on anything with a USB port. Just connect it and use the controllers of whatever system is available, but he says, the game is too intense for some people. It’s called Stoooooopid.

Laughing, as most anyone might at such a ridiculous game title, Ivy is told that she couldn’t possibly handle the game of Stoooooopid, because it’s a pretty extreme puzzle platformer type of game. There are constant shapes shifting on the screen which have to be paid attention to. Those shapes need to line up on a color by color basis as numbers fall from above, but if when you move your player, the number in the way doesn’t correspond with the correct color shape, little ships shoot lasers you then have to dodge.

As complicated and convoluted a gaming instruction as the boys offer, Ivy is still positive she can school these two on what makes a good gamer good. Although she certainly agrees that the whole premise indeed sounds stupid, fitting to the name of the game.

Insisting that Ivy can play anything, Evan unwittingly never imagines that he is setting things right in line for exactly the outcome Rex and Tony had in mind when they approached him. But just what is their plan?

Will Ivy play and win at a game where the entire purpose of everything on screen is to distract someone with so many sources of information, they lose their focus and can’t think? Just how does one truly win at the game of Stoooooopid?

It’s certainly no surprise to readers just who the maker of this mysterious flash game is, but in the end will the sexy coed gamer Ivy Ice be thawing out and flashing a little skin? Find out as SINtendo September draws closer to the end game.


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