There’s nothing like SINtendo Shades…

SINtendo Second-hand SHADES by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Second-hand SHADES by Kris P. Kreme

Off on a road trip as a couple, Tim and Marie are happy. Tim even surprised Marie with a pair of sunglasses.

What neither could know is that someone has been desperately trying to recover those sunglasses, mistakenly taken with donation boxes for charity and second-hand stores.

As Marie discovers, these are a pair of SINtendo SHADES, and they provide intimate information about everything and everyone she looks at wearing them.

What she doesn’t know is they are broken, meaning the words she reads flicker and distort and their functioning or choices she makes wearing them are prone to adverse reactions, which may soon lead the sweet Marie down a path of depraved slutty actions.


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Someone is frantically searching consignment stores for a pair of sunglasses, but not because he’s looking for a bargain. No, as the man explains, these sunglasses were mistakenly taken with donations recently and they were broken.

The latest in the places he has looked explains that they had some sunglasses but they were sold. They couldn’t have been the right pair though because the clerk assures him they weren’t broken at all. Yet the man insists that these were broken, as in defective, not as in literally broken, ranting and seeming a bit unhinged to the clerk. Yet one look at the left behind case assures him he finally found where the sunglasses ended up… only to have no clue who bought them.

Meanwhile, Tim and Marie are excited coeds getting set for their first road trip as a couple, a long drive several hundred miles to the beach where Tim hopes maybe Marie will finally loosen up a little and Marie just hopes for a fun time in the sun.

When Marie is almost set to go, everything packed, she suddenly remembers she was going to borrow some sunglasses from her apartment neighbor but she isn’t home yet. That’s when Tim surprises Marie with the sunglasses he found at the consignment shop, a nice pair of maybe not new, but quite stylish second-hand sunglasses.

It isn’t until the first day of their road trip has begun, the sun shining into her eyes that Marie leans back in the passenger seat and slips on the new pair of shades her boyfriend bought her.

Instantly there are flickering arrays of words overlaying everything around her. From random travel statistics when she focuses on the road ahead to literal stats and surprising facts as she looks over towards Tim behind the wheel.

Confused, not saying anything to Tim, Marie is both fascinated and shocked by the intimate details about her boyfriend these sunglasses reveal, such as that he has an above average fantasy life, preferring submissive women, fantasies including all manner of rather impossible depravities.

Trying to figure out where these sunglasses came from, Marie finds a rather small icon, everything in the display of these glasses flickering as though they aren’t quite working properly, the flickering giving her something of a headache. But the little icon once focused on reveals exactly what she wears, a pair of SINtendo SHADES, with warnings that they are for adult entertainment purposes only, further warnings indicating that use when damaged may result in adverse effects to the wearer.

Flipping down the sun visor, Marie gets her first look at herself in the sunglasses, discovering deep dark fantasies she never acknowledged having but even more seeing options appear that make it seem like she can literally give into those fantasies, change herself to better suit them.

Confused, throbbing headache from the flickering distortions in all the lettering overlaid to what she saw through the sunglasses, Marie finds herself accidentally confirming a choice she never made, and soon she’s definitely loosening up… just not in the way her boyfriend behind the wheel ever would have imagined.

It’s certainly going to be a road trip neither will ever forget, but most of all it’s going to be a trip bright with possibilities the virginal Marie never imagined before… so bright in fact that she just has to wear SINtendo Second-hand SHADES.


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