Sep 22 2018

It’s simple to be virtually a bimbo with SINtendo

SINtendo Virtually a Bimbo by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Virtually a Bimbo by Kris P. Kreme

Over a long weekend, John and Becky have decided to each do something the other enjoys. John will read one of Becky’s books while she spends time trying his VR gaming headset.

As the intelligent Becky sees it, this way they will both learn about each other’s interests.

John’s VR headset was originally recalled and a tech store wiped 99% of the programming, selling at a discount.

When Becky tries the character profile program, seeking some literal self reflection, meeting her own duplicate within VR, she never suspects that the duplicate is what remains of the original programming and it intends to suck every ounce of intelligence and knowledge right out of her to regain what was lost.


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Becky and John have been dating several years, and John is the first to admit they are really two sides to the same coin, compatible enough for sure but sometimes vastly different. Maybe the best example of that is trying to decide what to do as a couple over a long weekend.

Where Becky has always approached every plan of activity or opportunity through a purely cerebral manner, John is more impulsive and would rather just spend time together, especially if any of that time was spent less than fully clothed.

Unfortunately Becky has put a stop to all the suggestions John has made, wanting to enrich their relationship and learn more about each other’s interests. So when she suggests maybe they each do something the other is into, then compare notes, see what they’ve learned about each other, John has an idea.

He’ll read one of the many female empowerment movement books she has been into lately, and she can finally try out VR, get into some of the gaming he has been interested in. As he explains, virtual reality isn’t all mindless zoning out and playing around, she can actually learn things.

Becky is quick to agree that there’s merit in John’s idea, that it can be beneficial to them both as a couple. But she has a question and one which John isn’t entirely prepared for. She wants to know whether his VR has some sort of self reflection program.

John got the VR headset he uses with his games from a friend who always warned him that it had been pre-programmed with some weird stuff, stuff their distributor put a recall on. It was the primary reason John even could afford such a nice headset, but one of the only remaining programs in the headset was a character profile void, a darkness where the user can see and interact with themselves, their own mirror image duplicate

It was supposed to just be character profile, so they could adjust or check out their player appearance and personality to make sure it was best represented in future VR experiences, but John recalled having felt very uncomfortable himself. Nothing bad had happened of course, though when he looked into his own eyes he’d gotten the strangely uncomfortable feeling of a dull disappointment in the eyes.

Whatever the case, that character profile program is all he can think of when Becky asks about self reflection, since literally it is the mirror image of the player and as he recalls quite an impressively real looking duplicate in the virtual world.

Figuring she will be able to achieve some rather nuanced self reflection and learn more not only about John’s interests but also about herself in the process, Becky is very interested to go ahead with their first day’s activity as a couple over the long weekend. So after John sits down on the couch at one end, picking up a fairly intimidating book of hers, she sits at the other end and John slips the headset on her. However what neither could ever suspect is that the character profile program within John’s VR headset has been eagerly waiting someone with half a brain.

As soon as Becky meets her virtual twin within the virtual world, she quickly knows something is not right about this, the duplicate not behaving at all like some mere program and instead grinning and talking about how all her knowledge was stolen when the headset was wiped of nearly all programs, the information she had as an interactive VR character profile in what originally was a SINtendo built VR headset.

Seeking to regain all the intelligence and knowledge she once had, Becky’s duplicate intends nothing more than to quite literally suck that intelligence and knowledge right out of the highly smart blonde.

Will Becky be able to escape the virtual clutches of her self? Will John realize anything strange is happening within his VR headset that his brainy girlfriend has on? And will their relationship grow closer no matter what happens to poor Becky?

Find out as SINtendo September takes a trip back into the virtual world, where virtually anyone can become a bimbo, and everyone else can enjoy the results.


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