Sep 18 2018

SINtendo gets socked

SINtendo Sock Puppet by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Sock Puppet by Kris P. Kreme

When Megan gets a package from her Japanese pen pal, she never suspects it will drastically change every ambition she had in all her twenty something years.

Called Saki the Sock Puppet, from a company called SINtendo, this interactive virtual pet comes on strong as soon as it’s wrapped around her left arm. Tiny micro-motors and electronics manipulate her fingers and hand, making motions according to what Saki says or wants.

With Saki in control of her left hand, Megan is helpless to his motions, but more so to his desires. When he wants something she can’t give him… will Megan’s pervy older neighbor be the first to step in and help?


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One thing Megan is always thrilled by is a brand new package in the mail from her Japanese pen pal, Hoji. What she isn’t thrilled about might have to be her nosy and definitely pervy neighbor Mr. Johnson, who clearly has an eye for younger girls like the vibrant redhead in her early twenties.

Still, nothing can ruin a day that one of Hoji’s packages arrives, as he always sends the coolest and most quirky things, this time the largest package yet.

While Mr. Johnson across the street may be suspicious of a pen pal sending her all this stuff for free, Megan knows he’s likely just jealous since the guy is always flexing and trying to act like he isn’t twice her age. Still, Hoji always comes through on making her crack a smile and this latest is no exception.

Tearing into the box, Megan finds something hilariously Japanese, an electronic virtual pet puppet, proclaimed to be Saki the Sock Puppet, from some company called SINtendo.

While there isn’t much written on the box or in the included manual in English, there’s enough to tell a basic premise of how Saki works. Apparently it’s meant to be a take on the fairly typical sock puppet, but when slipped onto the hand, tiny integrated pistons and mechanics will make Saki move the wearer’s fingers when he talks. He’s a virtual pet that learns and gets to be your best friend, the box proclaims, and Megan can’t believe how adorable the pink striped little Saki looks, nor how traditionally quirky and oh so Japan the product is.

Unfortunately for Megan, Saki is a lot more dominant of a virtual pet than she could have imagined as she slips him onto her left arm and he immediately starts talking. While some of it she can at first dismiss as her imagination, there’s no way of excusing when Saki starts to ask her very personal questions, starts to make quite inappropriate observations of his new best friend’s tight young body

She soon realizes that Saki is definitely no kid’s toy, and with the surprisingly powerful motors tightly fit to her left arm, there’s no escaping what he might say next or worse what he might decide he wants her to do.

It’s very obvious that Saki is not taking the role of pet in their budding relationship and after he makes an obscene demand she can’t fulfill, all his trying wears away more than her resolve, leaving her sanity in question… and ultimately Mr. Johnson may be getting what he always wanted, even if it’s nothing close to how he imagined getting it.

Always beware of generous pen pals in Japan, particularly if you happen to be a beautiful young woman on your own. Of course you might prefer not to worry, and just live a life following the instructions of your very own sock puppet. Either way, you’ll definitely have a very fun time… like only SINtendo can provide.


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  1. Tainted Love

    No offense, but I feel like you scrapped the bottom of the barrel with this one. I mean a sock puppet? Really? XD

    1. Kris P. Kreme

      I have to admit that a reader sent in a comment and challenged me to write a story with one. Perhaps it didn’t quite work out well I’ll admit. But I have another idea for “sock puppet” I’m working on. Less real puppet and more online one.

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