Sep 15 2018

SINtendo is a slapping good time

SINtendo SLAPfight by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo SLAPfight by Kris P. Kreme

Struggling with finances on the laptop while his wife is away, Stan is annoyed by their bickering teenage daughters.

When Sandy mentions her guy gaming friends stopping by later that night, he has an idea, suggesting they take their argument to the family room, fight in a game.

Naturally he knows as the most soundproof room around it will give him peace and quiet. What Stan never could know is that Sandy has a plan for just the game to play with her good girl sister Penny.

SINtendo SLAPfight is the ultimate way of slapping the slut right into a girl, not to mention slapping the bimbo boobs and brain into her as well.

It’s definitely a game the guys won’t forget when they show up.


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Only one thing is guaranteed for Stan when his wife is out of town, and that’s the incessant constant bickering of their eighteen year old daughters. Of course the only saving grace is that this has to be the last year of his barely retaining sanity during those times while his wife is away.

To be fair though, the girls rarely have gotten along, Penny always being a girly girl, very much a princess, which happens to be a term she absolutely despises her sister Sandy calling her. Always the aggressive one, always confident and sure of herself, Sandy definitely pushes the buttons liberally in her fights with Penny.

Trying to get the monthly finances handled for their household, Stan is seriously stressed already when the bickering rises to his ears, when Penny comes in demanding he tell Sandy she’s not a princess. But when Stan hears that Sandy is having some college friends of hers over to play video games later, he has an inventive idea to put some temporary peace to the chaotic household.

Having always trusted Sandy since she’s pretty confident and honest about things, he has no trouble with the gaming friends of hers being guys or even being college guys, so that much isn’t a problem. The problem is he still has hours of work and they are only going to be at each other’s throats at this rate until the gaming friends arrive that evening.

So Stan makes the best suggestion he can come up with, he promises Penny he will take her to the mall that evening, away from Sandy’s college guy friends who make her uncomfortable, if and only if they both will stop bickering and go down to the family room, maybe take out their frustrations in a video game together or something.

Naturally Stan knows that the very large downstairs family room is the most insulated room in the house, no noise escaping when the door is closed, so naturally even if they don’t stop arguing, it’s bound to give him the peace and quiet to finish the finances his wife would ordinarily be around to handle.

Of course unknown to Stan, the smarter and admittedly more manipulative Sandy has something of a plan up her sleeves, a way of finally ridding herself of the annoying perfect pristine princess bitch her sister has always been.

Sandy knows quite well that her gaming buddy friends always wanted her to lose at one of those SINtendo games they brought over, but Sandy was always so much better at gaming the poor slobs never got what they thought they would get from her… but Penny is a girly girl and knows nothing of gaming, so she definitely stands no chance of winning a game of SINtendo SLAPfight, a fighting game with all sorts of special combo slaps each player can land on the other. The loser, as Sandy explains, is declared a bimbo, the ultimate humiliation.

Confused by it, Penny never suspects as they start a game of it, that Sandy literally means the loser is to be a bimbo. She also never suspects that the slaps Sandy soon is careening down on her character on screen will cause permanent damage and extreme physical changes to her innocent little body.

After a shocking SLAP to Penny’s chest, she is so stunned seeing how sore and tender her visually flatter chest looks, she can’t even hardly hold her controller for the rest of the round, Sandy truly ruining any innocence or intelligence Penny once had

But will Penny land a few SLAPS of her own? Will either girl escape the final bickering to end all of their sibling rivalries? And how will the evening gaming go when the boys finally arrive?

It’s gonna be a lot more than a bitch slap of reality that Stan widens his eyes at later that night, but then at least SINtendo has a way of solving the typical teen drama only a pair of sisters can have.


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