Sep 12 2018

SINtendo sees it all

SINtendo SEEmen by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo SEEmen by Kris P. Kreme

On an educational 7 day cruise to learn about seafaring at sea through the use of an App called SeaMEN, Manuel is horrified to see that his sister Sophia just downloaded the wrong App… a very different one called SEEmen by SINtendo.

He knows even if she doesn’t believe him that once the App is installed on her phone every man who sees her will be incapable of thinking anything else until after they have fully stuffed her with semen.

Refusing to look her way, Sophia is left on her own, but certainly not alone as every man on board finds themselves giving in to the luscious Latina coed who will be full of something vastly different than education by the time the ship reaches port.


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Gorgeous Latina coed Sophia is definitely up for a week long cruise, but what she isn’t up for is the incessant reminder from her brother Manuel that this is a study cruise abroad, a class from their college taking a very refreshing cruise in the tropics to learn about seafaring on their own time, with a quiz on what all they learned upon reaching port on the last day.

Always the brainier rule book following sibling, Manuel is only trying to remind Sophia that she needs to download the App their professor told them about, an App called SeaMEN that allows them to type in any questions they have or any part of seafaring they may be unsure about and the App answers using facts and statistics from famous old seafaring men around the globe or throughout history.

Annoyed by the fact that Sophia is more concerned with sunning herself and showing off her curves and exotic appeal to just about everyone on board, Manuel is even more annoyed that his slacker sister hasn’t even downloaded the App yet, mostly bothered by the fact it will make him look even worse or have their parents berating him for not keeping her in line on the admittedly tempting free college cruise.

Focused more on making sure everyone notices the flawless curves, beautiful Latina skin tone, and brilliant soft dark hair she takes pride in, Sophia rolls her eyes to download the App, but holding her phone up to prove that now she has downloaded the App and Manuel can get off her case, it’s Manuel who stares in shock at the App she inadvertently just clicked to download to her phone.

As focused on doing right and studying hard as he is, even Manuel knows that an App called SEEmen is not the correct App, and definitely their required App is not made by SINtendo. Trying to warn her, asking her to lay the phone down, stop holding it as the little progress wheel finishes and the App has fully installed to her phone, Sophia assumes her uptight brother is just overreacting yet again.

Only then does Manuel refuse to even look at his sister, looking off the deck of the ship at the passing clouds in a big beautiful blue sky. He tells Sophia that now she’s done it… and there’s simply no undoing the horrible mistake she just made.

Manuel explains he can never look at her again, to which Sophia is just amused and saying that’s not gonna be a problem for her. Yet Manuel goes on to explain that the App she just mistakenly downloaded is a fate she can’t escape from anymore, especially on a cruise ship with half the passengers on board being men.

Trying to tell Sophia that SINtendo SEEmen is an App for extreme fetishes, she isn’t believing a word he says. She of course doesn’t believe that simply installing an App on her phone will make any man who sees her incapable of thinking of anything else until after they have thoroughly stuffed her full of semen.

Shaking his head, already worried about what his parents will say, Manuel heads off just as another student aggressively steps up and grabs Sophia, spinning her to him.

But Sophia is very quick to realize that Todd’s aggression is not mere college flirting and bold moves, moves she ordinarily wouldn’t mind all that much given how cute Todd is. Something clearly is on his mind that no boy, no matter how aggressive should have on their mind, particularly on a public deck of a cruise ship with plenty of others around.

But then at least half of those others witnessing Todd’s actions also are looking at Sophia with similar hungers, with similar obsessive thoughts, and this may be a cruise like nothing she ever imagined.

Just what will happen to Sophia over the course of their seven day educational cruise… and quite possibly how educated will she be by the time her parents are waiting at port for the cruise ship to return? Take a literal trip on the wild side and learn all about SINtendo SEEmen. It’s a truly well rounded education waiting to happen, and that’s no game.


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