Sep 08 2018

You can’t lose with SINtendo

SINtendo Sore Loser by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Sore Loser by Kris P. Kreme

Tired of his girlfriend Debra becoming an arrogant bitch whenever she beats him at video games, Jake is using a cheat card installed in an old game system, one that should give him control over her character once he enters a special code on his controller.

When she still manages to win before he finishes entering the code, Jake is angrier than ever, until he finds that once the code is entered he not only has control over her character but somehow Debra as well.

Will her signature fist pumping celebratory dance finally be turned against her? Will Jake and his gaming buddies all get to play intimate games with Debra? Find out as SINtendo September continues.


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For Jake, Debra was a very mixed blessing and curse of a girlfriend. On the surface, she was perfect, a visually flawless curvy attractive woman with naturally red hair, who actually enjoyed playing video games with him.

The problem was, Debra always won, and worse still, she really had an arrogant way of celebrating those wins, usually with a little celebratory dance and endless fist pumps in the air as though to remind him just how big a loser at that moment he really was.

It’s been a sore spot to the point that Jake honestly has thought about just breaking up with her, to finally never have to see that bitchy attitude of hers when she not only defeats him but rubs his face in it with her mocking actions. At least it would be great to not see that fist pumping dance of hers again.

Fortunately Jake might have the ultimate solution to his troubles, something suggested by a buddy of his who hooked him up with a little universal cheat card he installed in his old game system’s manufacturer port.

Apparently at the push of a special series of buttons on his controller, this cheat card will activate and give him control over the opponent player on screen, ensuring a win no matter what.

Settling down for the game to end all his losses and finally not result in her fist pumping celebration, Jake is a bit unsure about Debra’s suggested wager, one where if she wins, he’ll call his gaming buddies and describe in detail how he got beat by a girl again, but if he wins she’ll be maid and cater to his gaming buddies every need next time they are over.

Still, there’s no losing this time, except for the fact that Debra is seriously quick on the buttons and has actually won the chosen boxing game by KO before he can even enter the cheat code to activate his control over her character.

Seriously pissed not only at losing but at Debra getting up to do her little arrogant bitchy dance of celebration, Jake enters the code anyway, and with one wiggle of his controller he realizes that somehow he doesn’t just have control over her character, but Debra herself.

Realizing he can actually move her around, can move her hands, Jake gives Debra a truly fist pumping celebration, one her body may not soon recover from, and that’s only the beginning of calming his anger.

Will this gaming couple take gaming to all new extremes thanks to a special cheat card made by a company called SINtendo? Will Debra still be catering to every need Jake’s gaming buddies have, and then some? Find out in the all new tale that reminds readers to always be a gracious winner, or you might just become a very Sore Loser.


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